• The upcoming Phineas and Ferb revival will be similar to the original run, with most of the crew returning and little change in the storyline.
  • The decision to revive the show was influenced by its popularity on Disney+ during the pandemic, as many viewers turned to it for comfort.
  • The revival will take place the summer after the events of the first few seasons, showcasing the beloved characters and their exciting inventions once again.



Phineas and Ferb co-creator Dan Povenmire is already teasing the timeline of the upcoming revival. The show ran on Disney Channel and Disney XD and followed two brothers as they enjoyed their summer vacation and created new and exciting inventions. The show featured side-stories in which their pet, Perry the Platypus, worked to protect the tri-state area from the evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz. The show was a success for Disney, running for four seasons and two movies while winning multiple Emmy Awards. The show was recently revived by Disney and is slated for two more seasons.

The upcoming Phineas and Ferb revival will not have many differences compared to the original run. Speaking with The Pop Insider at New York Comic Con, Povenmire explained that most of the crew is returning for the revival. Additionally, the show will take place the summer after the events of the first few seasons, leaving little room for an overwhelming amount of change. Check out his quote below:

It’ll probably be the following summer. It’s basically the same show as before, we’ve got a lot of the same staff. We realized we hadn’t run out of ideas yet. Somebody called and said, ‘Want to make more?’ and we’re like yeah. We’ve always said ‘Yeah sure, we’ll do that.’ I think it came about because the show’s been in the top five on Disney+ since they started. I think with the pandemic, a lot of people went back to that for a comfort show and I think that really pushed the numbers up and they were like, ‘We should do more of this show.’

Phineas And Ferb Doesn’t Need To Change

Phineas and Ferb fist bumping

As Disney celebrates its first century and prepares for the next 100 years of Disney entertainment, bringing back Phineas and Ferb is an excellent way to show a commitment to the past. Disney may be looking to grow its collection of shows and movies, but its existing IPs will also be receiving the necessary time and care. Just as the company continues to regularly return to Star Wars, existing animated series will have their opportunities to shine.

The show’s concept — two boys living life to the fullest with wild adventures, while their sister tries to warn their mom — is as simple as it is brilliant. There is no true need to fundamentally change everything about the series simply to create change. The ratings indicate that this show is already beloved, so the existing formula is enough to provide audiences with the content they are already searching for.

The recent resurgence in interest is directly linked to a desire to return to familiar content. If the show already provides comfort to people, changing it is entirely unnecessary to promote viewership. A simple time jump to the next year is all that is necessary, and it is exactly what the creators are intending to do. Perry can continue protecting the tri-state area, the boys can continue inventing, and Candace can continue tattling. The concept works as is, and it’s exactly why Phineas and Ferb will return with minimal changes to its timeline or its ideas.

Source: The Pop Insider

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