Wayne Brady is as talented as they come in the entertainment world. From his outrageous improv acting to his freestyle songs that could trend on TikTok today, he’s entertained millions in a television career that dates back to the late ’90s.

He also hosted his own variety show, The Wayne Brady Show, in the early 2000s, and has lent his voice to several children’s films, including Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Candace Against the Universe, The Hero of Color City, and Clifford’s Really Big Movie.

He’s best known for his stage acting on both the original UK version of Whose Line Is It Anyways and its American revival, and for hosting the new-age rendition of the iconic gameshow, Let’s Make a Deal.

The 51-year-old actor/comedian/singer has been married twice. First, he and Diana Lasso were married from 1993 to 1995. And in 1999, he and Mandie Taketa tied the knot and were married until 2008. Together they share one daughter, Maile Masako Brady, who is 20 years old.

It’s been 15 years since he and Taketa divorced, and he hasn’t remarried since.

Is Wayne Brady gay?

Brady made headlines in August 2023 after he sat down with People and gave an exclusive interview about his sexuality. He revealed that he was pansexual, meaning he was attracted to individuals, not their sex or gender. “Bisexual — with an open mind!” Brady told the outlet.

Brady came out to Taketa, who remains his best friend, and his daughter before going public, and they gave him their full support. In the interview, Brady further explained what pansexual meant to him and why he identified as such.

“In doing my research, both with myself and just with the world, I couldn’t say if I was bisexual, because I had to really see what that was, especially because I really have not gotten a chance to act on anything,” Brady said. “So, I came to pansexual because — and I know that I’m completely messing up the dictionary meaning — but to me, pan means being able to be attracted to anyone who identifies as gay, straight, bi, transsexual or non-binary. Being able to be attracted across the board. And, I think, at least for me for right now, that is the proper place. I took pan to mean that not only can I be attracted to any of these people or types physically, but I could be attracted to the person that is there.”

He also said that he had been attracted to men his whole life, but he had never acted on it because of how he was raised. Brady struggled for years letting the public know how he felt on the inside.

And now that he can live without burying his secret, he said he’ll continue working toward being the “best Brady” he can be to the people in his life, including his daughter and future partner, and his fans across the globe.

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