Warning: Spoilers for The Invincible Iron Man #10!Ocean’s Eleven is getting the Marvel makeover as Iron Man begins a series of heists. Orchis leader Feilong has become the Terry Benedict to Tony Stark’s Danny Ocean after overthrowing Tony from his own company, then using his tech to create the Stark Sentinels that were instrumental in the recent Mutant Massacre. The stakes are personal for mutant Emma Frost, so she collaborates with Iron Man to take down a man they both hate. To pull that off, they must wed.



On the road down the aisle, Tony must first craft a heist fit for a master thief in The Invincible Iron Man #10 by Gerry Duggan, Juan Frigeri, Bryan Valenza, and VC’s Joe Caramagna. Following a practically sitcom-esque misunderstanding that gets Tony engaged to his assistant Hazel Kendal (Emma’s human alter ego), Tony and Emma make their way to Las Vegas for some quick nuptials. The night before, though, Stark opts to rob someone blind.

Iron Man Becomes a Heist Mastermind

Iron Man robs Zeke Stane

Before Stark is set to make Emma Frost (and, technically by proxy, Hazel Kendal) a married woman, he suits up in his Mark Nil stealth armor. He then takes a night trip to a factory concealing the secret lab of Zeke Stane, son of Obadiah Stane aka the Iron Monger. After stealing a machine that can help build other machines, with help from Deadpool as the truck driver to unload the contraption, it’s time for Tony’s wedding. However, even the wedding itself serves as a heist, with Emma and Tony entering the mind of their sole wedding attendant, Feilong. There, Stark steals the schematics of Feilong’s Stark Sentinels.

Tony Leads Captain America, Deadpool, and Emma Frost as His New Heist Brigade

Iron Man Heist

It doesn’t look like the heists will be stopping anytime soon as on the final page, after their wedding, the newlyweds plot to get a hold of “all” the mysterium (a metal better than adamantium and vibranium) they can get their hands on. Iron Man’s new wife is certainly onboard as a part of his new heist brigade, and assuming that Deadpool’s cameo isn’t a one-off, Wade Wilson may be back as a driver. Plus, Stark mentions that Steve Rogers’ Captain America was the one who vouched to Tony about getting Deadpool on the team as a driver, so at least indirectly, Steve is just as involved as the rest of them.

While Stark is still a long way away from having his own Eleven, he’s definitely building a team that could come in handy later, even beyond heists. With mutants forced underground following the Mutant Massacre, and Tony losing resources of his own (including best friend Rhodey, taken to prison for helping Stark), a new team needs to be on hand above ground to keep an eye on Feilong and Orchis’ schemes. Tony appears to quietly be building a task force of sorts that could combat Feilong and Orchis in the emerging war on mutantkind. And with the metal mysterium on their side, Iron Man’s new Ocean’s Eleven-style team may be the most powerful heist squad Marvel has ever seen.

The Invincible Iron Man #10 is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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