The Scorpion Casino presale is progressing undeterred while the broader market grapples with the ongoing crypto crash. It broke past the $1.3M milestone recently, as investors began to find a safe haven in SCORP to mitigate their portfolio losses.

Gambling as a Source of Income – How Reliable is It?

For a very long time, gambling had been for the weak-minded. 

But things are changing for the better now as blockchain introduces transparency and fairness to the industry with decentralized smart contracts. That explains why casino coins like Rollbit coin outperformed most of the market with a 5000%+ surge this year. 

While Rollbit Coin has saturated over time with a giant market cap, Scorpion Casino has substantially more room for growth. Scorpion Casino is at the forefront of the gambling revolution empowered by blockchain technology and crypto incentivization, thanks to its wide array of gaming offerings and security features that give platforms like Rollbit a run for their money. 

It is a fresh breath of air in an industry marred with scams, fraud, and addiction. While the online gambling sector is going through an unprecedented growth trajectory, it is not without its short-comings. Digitization hasn’t completely solved the challenges users have long been facing. A positive transformation is now underway, thanks to blockchain platforms like Scorpion Casino. 

Scorpion Casino is an online gambling and sports betting platform, regulated and licensed by the Curacao EGaming Authority. It follows the highest security and ethical standards in the blockchain sector. For example, underage gambling is restricted on the platform. In addition, the platform is also bound by the rules and conditions set forth in the smart contracts. It cannot alter them without consulting the community first.

Scorpion Casino Dashboard is Unmatched 

Scorpion Casino is the one-stop online destination for gambling, casino games, live betting, sports betting, and exhilarating crash games to name just a few. By providing 30,000 monthly betting opportunities, it secures its position among gambling users. 

With Scorpion Casino, you get access to a treasure trove of over 210 casino games, featuring a wide spectrum that includes classic slots, blackjack, roulette, and poker. The project’s commitment to sourcing games from renowned gaming providers like Evolution, NetEnt, Play N Go, Novomatic, EGT, and AMATIC speaks for its focus on ensuring the highest user experience. 

The user-friendly gambling platform encourages gamblers to join by establishing high credibility and accountability.

Sports enthusiasts will find the comprehensive sports betting module on the platform too compelling to ignore with 35 different sports featured. In addition, the Scorpion Casino gaming dashboard has plenty of crash games to choose from. 

Why is Scorpion Casino Bucking the Trend?

The reason is quite simple. If you have been in the crypto market for quite some now, you might have noticed that most tokens succumb to volatile price fluctuations.

It can drastically change the direction of your portfolio overnight. 

While utility gives a project immunity against market movements to a great extent, that is not enough. A robust user base only makes a share of the project’s token holders. The rest of the community is investors, who are holding it for value appreciation. A good share of them act according to the market whims, rather than the project’s performance or development map. 

The token is pushed to irrecoverable lows during downturns, as a result. 

This is what Scorpion Casino aims to tackle with its two-fold mechanism devised for price stability.  

The first of these is the deflationary tokenomics, which brings down the total token supply over time. It benefits early token investors by taking advantage of the inverse relationship between price and supply. 

Even if SCORP loses value amid a crypto crash, investors can recover their losses and maintain a profitable portfolio. 

But the most compelling part of the two-fold strategy is the staking system that allows investors to earn up to 10,000 USDT daily. 

The Presale is Closing in on An Early Sell-Out 

The Scorpion Casino presale comes with a wide range of benefits for investors that waiting until the token launch makes little sense. 

It is widely predicted to be the next crypto to 10X (1000% ROI). Rich features and heightened security standards make Scorpion Casino a strong candidate in the thriving online gambling market. 


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