Warning: This article contains major SPOILERS for Apple TV+’s Invasion season 2.




  • Invasion season 2 episode 7 sets the stage for the final episodes and resolves mysteries surrounding the aliens and the invasion.
  • The main characters, including Aneesha, Trevante, and Mitsuki, head to Project Idabel, the epicenter of the invasion, in search of answers.
  • Trevante discovers a giant crate at Project Idabel, hinting at deeper government security and potentially uncovering the military’s actions with psychic kids and the aliens.

Invasion season 2 episode 7 piles more mysteries surrounding its central aliens, with the biggest one revolving around the purpose of Project Idabel. Created by Simon Kinberg and David Weil, Apple TV +’s Invasion ambitiously explores the alien invasion sub-genre by portraying its central aliens as complex and multi-layered creatures. While the show is yet to reveal what the aliens wish to achieve on Earth, Invasion season 2’s episode 7 sets the stage for the show’s final episodes and how they will likely resolve all the underlying mysteries surrounding the aliens and the titular invasion.

After portraying how Aneesha and the Movement are racing against time to find Sarah, the episode reveals how Caspar does not have all the answers to stop or understand the invasion. In its final arc, the episode shows that while Aneesha and the Movement find new leads to Sarah’s exact location, Trevante, too, finds new details in Caspar’s drawings that take him closer to discovering the answers he seeks. As a result, almost all main characters from the show seem to head to a common location, Project Idabel, making it hard not to wonder what they will find there.

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Project Idabel In Invasion Season 2 Episode 7 Explained

Shamier Anderson as Trevante Cole in Invasion season 2.

Towards the end of Invasion season 2 episode 7, Caspar, Jamila, and their other friends set out to find the other psychic kids who may have answers to how they can stop the alien invasion. In the meantime, Aneesha learns that Sarah was taken to a military base called Project Idabel in Oklahoma. Trevante, too, decodes Caspar’s drawings and discovers that the alien abductions form a spiral, which has its central point in Oklahoma. With this, all the main characters in the show seem to head to the same spot, hinting that Invasion‘s “end game” will ensue in Oklahoma’s Project Idabel.

Given how Mitsuki, too, was learning the alien language towards the end of Invasion season 2, episode 6, her newfound understanding of the aliens might also lead her to the project. Although Invasion season 2’s episode 7 does not explicitly mention what Project Isabel is, the military seems to have set its base camp at the location because it was the planet’s first point of contact with the aliens. Since the location is the epicenter of the invasion, the military likely hopes to find answers there. If other main characters like Mitsuki also end up in the location, they might be able to establish contact with the alien species using their understanding of their language.

Why Did The Military Take Sarah To Project Idabel

Luke looking up and talking to someone in Invasion

Invasion season 2’s episode 7 hints that Caspar and the crew are also heading to Project Idabel because they believe other psychic kids are being held there. The psychic kids had previously proven they could connect with the alien hive mind and foresee its attacks. This suggests that the military abducted Sarah in the hope that she could join the other kids and help them delve deeper into the alien consciousness. However, considering how Luke has a record of connecting with the aliens and even stopping them from attacking humans, he may be the missing link the military folks were looking for when they captured Sarah.

What Will Trevante Find At Project Idabel

Mitsuki and Caspar in Invasion season 2

In the ending moments of Invasion season 2’s episode 7, Trevante somehow sneaks past Project Idabel’s security and finds a giant crate in the middle of the location. Although the credits start rolling before he heads down, he will likely discover more layers of government security the deeper he dives into the crater. In addition, he may also unearth what the military is doing with the kids who can connect with the aliens. Trevante may not single-handedly be able to get to the bottom of the mysteries of the Project and what the military is trying to do there. However, since many humans are gradually figuring out ways to connect with the aliens, humanity might find itself in a conflicted situation towards the end of the show.

While humans like Mitsuki, Trevante, Luke, and Caspar will try taking the peaceful route after understanding the aliens and their motives on Earth, government and military forces may set out to destroy the extraterrestrials by attacking their epicenters. Since the aliens have always come back stronger after being attacked by humans, the government’s approach may backfire again. However, if Mitsuki, Caspar, and Luke figure out a way to establish peaceful ties with the aliens, they might have a shot at restoring order on their planet. Hence, despite making little progress in episode 7, Invasion season 2 highlights that humanity’s fate might rest in Caspar, Luke, Trevante, and Mitsuki’s hands.

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