Insomniac Games, Sony Interactive Ent.

The incredibly prolific Insomniac Games has become the PlayStation 5’s most notable provider of major original games in recent years.

With their “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2” title out in stores today, the game’s senior narrative director Jon Paquette has spoken about where the franchise will go next.

Whilst we know Insomniac is working on a “Wolverine” game, the outlet asked about the possibility of a shorter “Venom” spin-off game being made – akin to 2020’s “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales”.

Paquette tells Insider its possible but right now they’re making sure “Spider-Man 2” works smoothly and are waiting to see the reception to it. Any decisions will be made after that:

“So, here’s what we’re doing. We’re focused on Spider-Man 2 and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna wait to see how the fans react. We’re gonna listen to the fans and we’re gonna ask ourselves, ‘Okay, what do the fans really want?’. We’ll kind of talk about stuff after we’ve all had time to sleep and take vacations.”

The reception so far has been great with the title one of the best scorers of the year thus far on critical aggregation sites. Also the title has reportedly had very little in the way of bugs at launch which seems relatively rare these days.

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