The most balanced spell caster class in The Lords of The Fallen is the Putrid Child, an archetype you may only unlock by reaching a hidden ending. A dark follower of the Umbral in service to the Putrid Mother, this class is unique compared to other starting options for your character. There are unfortunate risks you’ll have to take in a playthrough dedicated to discovering the right ending needed to obtain the Putrid Child.



15 Radiance and 15 Inferno starting Attribute stats are the strong points of the Putrid Child, making them a magic user capable of casting spells from both categories seen in the game. While they may not be as specialized as the Lord class in Lords of The Fallen, this archetype gives you more freedom when building a character. When selecting it for a new run, you will receive the Putrid Child armor set along with the class’ Sword and Catalyst weapons.

Choosing the Putrid Child class also gives you the Pendant of Parting, which lets you spawn an explosive mine when killing an enemy with an attack that deals Wither damage. You also start with three spells tied to Umbral magic, named Lingering Despair, Putrefaction, and Diminishing Missile.

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How To Get The Putrid Child Class in Lords of The Fallen

Lords of The Fallen Putrid Child Class Players Get by Finding the Umbral Ending

The Putrid Child class unlocks when you get the Umbral Ending at least once in Lords of The Fallen instead of the Inferno or Radiant conclusions. This is the hardest ending in the game, requiring you to perform tasks that are nearly impossible to figure out on your own. The objectives you must fulfill involve the Mother’s Lull, a secret location you must open by talking to the vendor Molhu.

After you defeat the bosses at the Broken Depths, Molhu can sell you an important item in their shop called the Umbral Scouring Clump, an object sold for 50 Umbral Scourings in Lords of The Fallen. This will start you on the path to the Umbral Ending, giving you access to Mother’s Lull, where you must unlock four floating platforms to travel to the land’s center area. This process will kill several NPCs, so be ready to make some sacrifices.

Platform 1

Interact with the first friendly Remnant you see in Mother’s Lull to obtain Damarose’s Seedpod, which can be given to the Damarose NPC to kill them and unlock the first platform.

Platform 2

Gain Gerlinde’s Seedpod from the same Remnant after the first platform appears. Then, use it on Gerlinde when you meet her in her cell in Pilgrim’s Perch to kill her, unlocking the second platform in Lords of The Fallen.

Platform 3

After defeating the Lightreaper at Bramis Castle, take down the Colossal Sentinel, guarding a nearby Beacon to gain The Lightreaper’s Umbral Parasite. Place this item in a column where Molhu is back at Skyrest Bridge, then return to Mother’s Lull. Gain Melchior’s Seedpod from the Remnant, which you can use on Melchior’s dead body near the throne room of Bramis Castle to unlock the third platform.

Platform 4

In the Abbey of Hallowed Sisters, take the Rune of Adyr and hand it to the Remnant in Mother’s Lull to receive the Withered Rune of Adyr. In the Fief of the Chill Curse, use the Withered Run on the Iron Wayfarer NPC to kill him, where you can collect Harkyn’s Umbral Parasite and place it in another column near Molhu. There should be three columns in which you must place Parasites to get closer to the Umbral Ending.

Use Soul Flay on Pieta at the Hub to reveal Elianne the Starved, an optional boss you must beat to gain Elianne’s Umbral Parasite. Place the Parasite in the final column of Skyrest Bridge before traveling to Mother’s Lull again in Lords of The Fallen. This triggers a cutscene that shows Molhu having the final Seedpod, which he uses on himself to die and reveal the fourth and final platform.

Simply travel to the center of Mother’s Lull using each platform created to unlock the Umbral Ending in The Lords of The Fallen, which gives you access to the Putrid Child class for your next adventure.

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