Multiplayer elements are something you can leave or join anytime in Lords of The Fallen, either to hunt down another player or join them in co-op.

One of the unique aspects of The Lords of The Fallen is the game’s robust multiplayer, which you can join or leave practically whenever you want. From helping out your friends against a tough boss in co-op to hunting down another Lampbearer in PvP, you have many options through this mode. However, some ways this Soulsbourne-esque title presents its multiplayer can be confusing.



You do not need to have any special items to initiate multiplayer throughout your adventure, making it very easy to join this mode at any time. Any Umbral Scouring in Lords of The Fallen or any other resources are kept as you go back into your world if you choose to enter another. Only the host of a multiplayer game progresses, meaning that any bosses defeated in co-op must be taken down again in the guest’s world.

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How To Play Multiplayer in Lords of The Fallen

Lords of The Fallen Using Vestige to Join or Leave Multiplayer Worlds of Other Players

To join a multiplayer game, you must access one of the many Vestiges scattered throughout Lords of The Fallen. These Vestiges act like safe zones in different areas, allowing your character to Rest and recover their healing items. The last option in a Vestige menu is “Multiplayer,” which gives you four different options when you select it to determine what flavor of the mode you want before joining.

Multiplayer Mode


Beckon Lampbearer

Beckon a random Lampbearer, or online player, to join your world.

Beckon Friend

Beckon a player from your friend list to your world depending on your platform.

Accompany Lampbearer

Join another Lampbearer to help them in co-op in their world.

Slaughter Lampbearer

Invade the world of another Lampbearer to hunt and kill them before returning to your own game.

PlayStation and Xbox players can not join each other’s games in multiplayer for Lords of The Fallen, but either platform can connect to Lampbearer’s from the game’s PC version.

To leave any world, go to the Start Menu Settings and find the multiplayer tab, then press the “Leave Session” prompt to return to your world. You’ll keep any items you found along the way if you were in co-op, in addition to healing consumables that may be reset instantly at the Vestige you were at before. Leaving a multiplayer session you joined in The Lords of The Fallen will let you return to the progress of your journey.

  • Lords of the Fallen 2023 Movie Poster

    Lords of the Fallen (2023)

    PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S


    CI Games

    Fantasy, Action RPG

    Action RPG

    Unreal Engine 5


    The Lords of the Fallen is a single-player/co-op Action-RPG set in a high fantasy setting, acting as a soft reboot of the original entry, Lords of the Fallen. Over a thousand years after the first game’s events, The Lords of the Fallen will set players in a massive world -one five times the size of the original – filled with NPC quests, dungeons, bosses, and other surprises that await. To navigate the lands between the living and the dead, players will fully customize their hero before embarking on the adventure. They can tackle the entire game solo or cooperatively with a friend online. The Lords of the Fallen emphasizes fast-action combat and a souls-like approach to world navigation. The release date hasn’t been set for the title, but it will be exclusively available on PC and next-generation consoles.

    Lords of the Fallen

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