American Horror Story: Delicate premiered just in time to give viewers some nice spooks during the Halloween season, and die-hard fans cannot get enough. Season 12 of the anthology series may not quite manage to reach the level of greatness that its earlier installments set, but it has proven to be an enjoyable watch. As enjoyable as a horror show can be, that is.

Based on Danielle Valentine’s book, Delicate Condition, this season’s eerie atmosphere is enough to leave its audience with a creepy sense of unease. Needless to say, that’s what horror fans call a pretty good time, but for how long can the spooks last?

How many episodes does American Horror Story season 12 have?

At the time of writing, American Horror Story: Delicate has five episodes released. The first part of the season ran between Sept. 20 and Oct. 18, before going on a break. The choice to divide season 12 into two parts was a result of the SAG-AFTRA strike, which forced filming to pause for a bit, and while it’s understandable, it means there may be a long wait before the season resumes.

For now, there is no word about how many episodes the season will have in total, but we do know that we’ll get to find that out in 2024. Part two of Delicate is expected to premiere sometime during the year, per Variety. Judging by previous seasons, though, it’s fair to assume that this installment will have somewhere between nine and 13 episodes.

American Horror Story: Delicate is available for streaming on Hulu right now.

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