Work smart, not hard

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I have to pinch myself.

Sure, it’s been a grind, but I’m now making $8,500 a month from my writing business. This was my goal 12 months ago.

I work with awesome people, swing weights in a fancy gym, and have zero client meetings. I typically work 3–4 hours a day.

So how do you get to this point?


Exhibit one: I’ve published over 240 articles since September 2020. That’s 100,000s of deliberately-crafted words. Thousands of hours.

But I’m also fortunate. English is my first language. I studied economics at university. I have a supportive family and friends.

I could go on.

But as you’d expect from an article like this, I have to say it:

I’m not special — and you CAN do this too if you put in the work. I’ve just made deliberate life choices which help me stay on track.

To me, it’s all about working smart, not hard.

Here are those choices.

“Show up to write for the next year and see what happens. You got nothing to lose.” — Tim Denning

Making money from writing isn’t rocket science.

You’ve got two options:

  • Build an audience and monetize through digital products, sponsorships, affiliates, etc. (Aka “The Creator Path”)
  • Offer writing services

The creator path is a crowded snoozefest. It also takes a while to build an audience. That’s why I recommend freelance writing and building an email list on the side.

I’ve learnt this stuff from writers I admire.

Here’s a reading list I’ve compiled over the last two years if you’re interested in building a writing business:

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