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  • Creepshow Season 4 pays tribute to horror legends like George A. Romero and Tobe Hooper, continuing their legacies.
  • The anthology series embraces different horror genres and allows for creative storytelling with no rules.
  • The showrunner, Greg Nicotero, loves bringing together diverse horror visions in one place, honoring Romero’s experimentation with different forms of horror.

Director and effects whiz Greg Nicotero learned all about horror from the best. Although he’s now gone on to work as lead director and effects supervisor for The Walking Dead, co-found KNB EFX Group, and become one of the most recognizable names in the genre, he began his career under the wings of the great Tom Savini and the father of the zombie movie himself, George A. Romero. Even now, he’s still doing what he can to honor the horror greats that made him in his work. Collider’s Maggie Boccella recently spoke with him about Creepshow ahead of Season 4’s release where he expressed how he pays tribute to Romero and so many more through the anthology series.

Creepshow is based on Romero’s 1982 classic anthology film which he directed while Stephen King wrote in his first screenwriting credit. The late Dawn of the Dead filmmaker’s DNA is naturally baked into the show because of its history, but Nicotero has also gone out of his way to ensure the series always embodies Romero’s sensibilities. That said, the nature of an anthology means exploring different haunting ideas. Every season welcomes new directors and writers to craft episodes that hit on completely different sides of the horror genre.

When asked about whether the series is more about maintaining a legacy or letting artists run wild, Nicotero sees both as possible. He says that it’s impossible to avoid Romero’s legacy and the impact of artists Nicotero loves like Wes Craven, John Carpenter, and Tobe Hooper, no matter how the show changes:

“I think, inherently, we’re paying tribute to George’s legacy all the time by continuing Creepshow. My obligation is to keep his legacy alive and the legacy of other filmmakers, [like] Tobe [Hooper], Wes Craven, people that I work with that I love that are no longer with us, plus directors that I’ve admired – John Carpenter, John Landis. So I really think that by just Creepshow existing, we’re continuing the legacy and paying tribute to it.”

Leslie Nielsen in Creepshow
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‘Creepshow’ Always Embraces Creativity

The connection to Romero’s Creepshow will be directly tangible in Season 4 of the series as horror veteran Tom Atkins returns to the franchise. New creepy creatures abound in the latest run of episodes which promise a wide variety of scares, from alien abductions to slashers while leaning into the B-movie nature of it all. As always, Nicotero’s penchant for excellent effects will be apparent with gooey and gory monsters that bring to mind Romero’s classics. Of course, the thing the director loves most of all about serving as showrunner on the series is getting to bring together wildly different horror visions in one place. In a sense, that mindset honors Romero who was content experimenting with different forms of horror:

“I think the stories in and of themselves, you know, the thing that makes Creepshow different than most other anthologies is there aren’t any rules. You can have one that’s a comedy, you can have one that’s suspenseful, you can have one that’s got a dark ending, you can have one that’s fun, and they all fit within the world because the original framework was it’s a comic book. So, every story can be a little bit different, and I think that really sets it aside from every other anthology, which seems to be rooted in common DNA. I think our DNA is a little mutated, which makes it, for me, a lot more fun.

Creepshow Season 4 is now streaming on Shudder and AMC+ and airing on the AMC linear network every Friday at 10:00 p.m. ET. Check out the trailer below and stay tuned here at Collider for our full interview with Nicotero.

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