We wish Heels the best of luck in its future endeavors. But in an actual sincere way, not the WWE way. The show has gone on for two seasons, and it tells the story of two brothers, by the names Jack and Ace Spade. The two are rivals, and with the former being a heel and the latter being a face. While their feud plays out in kayfabe, there’s also an actual battle playing out on a personal level. Both of them want to go on to own their father’s wrestling promotion and become national acts.

Mike O’Malley, Heels’ showrunner, recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly about a potential future for the show. While it may be done at Starz, it could live on at another home.

O’Malley siad he was on a picket line for the just-concluded writers strike when he got a call from Starz saying they were canceling the show.

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When asked if he was seeking a new home for the show, he responded in the affirmative.

Yeah, we are actively doing it right now. And some of the actors are still under contract. Obviously, the strike just ended. I couldn’t have any conversations about this and granted, they just told me on Friday. But not only are we trying to, I really believe the Starz executives when they say they want to see a future for the show too, because they did invest a lot in the show… I really do think it’s going to have a life someplace else.

O’Malley also claimed they did not and do not intend for the recent Season 2 finale to be “the last episode of the show.

We’ll see. Heels is currently streaming on Starz.

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