The Big Picture

  • Gen V, the spin-off of The Boys, delivers the blood, guts, and gore fans love, but with the added twist of puppets in a recent episode.
  • The show’s makeup department head, Colin Penman, collaborated with puppeteer actors to create a brutal and eye-catching battle scene that stayed true to Gen V’s style.
  • The puppet-centered episode and previous puppet appearance with The Deep have been a hit with audiences, and fans can hope to see more puppet action in the show’s second season.

So far, the first season of Prime Video’s Gen V has brought all the blood, guts, and gore that fans would expect from a spin-off of The Boys. While it has supes, civilians, outrageous moments, and all the makings of a terrific offshoot, Gen V also has one thing that its flagship series doesn’t – puppets. In a recent episode, audiences watched as Asa Germann’s Sam fought off armed enemies with one catch – his delusional brain envisioned them as puppets. In a featurette, fans can get a behind-the-scenes look at the pulling of the strings that brought this episode of Gen V to vibrant, soft, and cute life.

Introducing his army of puppets, Gen V’s makeup department head, Colin Penman, is the brain and driving force behind the show’s unique addition of characters. Referring to the episode as a “collaboration,” Penman praises all the folks who were involved in creating the brutal battleground that saw glittery blood rain down as Sam’s enemies were torn apart limb from limb. Over three days, the regular cast worked with a group of puppeteer actors who poured their hearts and souls into making the scene as fun and eye-catching as possible, all while staying true to the brutal style of Gen V. As anyone who’s caught what’s lovingly been dubbed by the cast and crew as “the puppet massacre” can attest, no detail was too small for the design team. From popcorn kernels being shot from guns to puppet versions of guts and brains exploding from fallen soldiers, the team completely nailed the task at hand.

Prior to Sam vs. the puppets, audiences caught a glimpse of the show’s creative power in a previous episode that featured a puppet version of Chace Crawford’s The Deep. This was the first time that Sam’s delusions took hold, with the troubled young supe hallucinating a TV show (aptly titled Avenue V) that showed-off puppet Deep and the real Jason Ritter. As Penman explained, everything about The Deep was fine-tuned on his plush twin, down to his gills, beard stubble, and gauntlets. With a second season officially on the way, Penman certainly isn’t alone in hoping that the puppets will be back for more action.

Image via Prime Video

What’s Gen V About?

With only two more episodes remaining until the Season 1 finale, audiences have learned a lot about the young heroes walking the halls of Godolkin University. As we’ve already discovered, there’s much more at play than just the characters including Marie Mareau (Jaz Sinclair), Andre Anderson (Chance Perdomo), Emma Meyer (Lizze Broadway), and Cate Dunlap (Maddie Phillips) honing their skills to become the supes of tomorrow. With a mystery project known only as The Woods attached to the school, the teens are discovering that there’s much more lurking in the real world than good vs. evil, and audiences can expect plenty more surprises on the way.

Check out the puppet-centered featurette below and tune in for new episodes of Gen V on Fridays.

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