Gen V Episodes 1-3 Recap

Gen V introduced readers to Godolkin University School of Crimefighting, where the best and brightest young Supes go to gain their powers. We meet the school via Marie (Jaz Sinclair, lately of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina), a young woman with the gnarly ability to control blood — her own or those of someone else. Orphaned after accidentally killing her parents when her powers manifested, Moreau experiences huge culture shock, especially when she skyrockets to the top of the projections among Gen V students.

Marie rooms with Emma Meyer (Broadway) aka Little Cricket, an excitable Supe with the ability to shrink — after forcing herself to vomit, that is. Although she plans to be in performing arts instead of crime-fighting, Emma gets involved in an adventure to investigate a secret site called the Woods.

Andre Anderson

Driving Emma to the investigation is Andre (Chance Perdomo), the son of a popular Supe called Polarity (Sean Patrick Thomas) who shares his father’s magnetic manipulation abilities. Thanks to his father’s campaigning and his own natural charisma, Andre has an opportunity to join the Seven and surpass even his father’s achievements. That expectation weighs heavily on Andre, especially after seeing the downfall of his best friend Luke Riordan (Patrick Schwarzenegger) aka Golden Boy.

Luke Riordan

The top-rated prospect at Godolkin, Golden Boy catches on fire and has super-strength and near-invulnerability. Between that amazing strength and his striking good looks, Golden Boy is the star pupil of Godolkin’s most respected professor, Brinkhoff (Clancy Brown). However, at the end of episode one, Luke kills Brinkhoff and goes on a rampage at the school. After being detained by Marie, Andre, and Brinkhoff’s apprentice Jordan Li (Derek Luh/London Thor), Luke flies into the air and commits suicide.

Sensing an opportunity to capitalize on potential bad press, Voight and Godolkin reframe the narrative as one of heroism on the part of Marie, launching her into the number two ranking slot, just below Andre in the now vacated number one position.

Jordan Li

That narrative angers Li, who knows what really happened and resents Marie for playing along with the lie. Li has the ability to change genders, gaining different powers according to the gender they present. While very comfortable blurring the line between male and female, Li knows that their abilities make them a hard sell for Voight. To Jordan, Marie’s sudden advancement is a reminder of the limitations put upon them.

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