Warning! Spoilers ahead for the Frasier reboot episode 3.




  • Frasier’s move to Chicago for a TV hosting gig was a mistake, and he regrets how his show became gimmicky and phony.
  • Returning to Boston, Frasier prioritizes his relationship with his son and finds a job that is actually meaningful to him.
  • Frasier’s reluctance to leave his talk show in Chicago stemmed from fear of losing the comfortable life he had built there, without Martin or Niles to provide him with harsh reality.

The Frasier reboot confirms that Martin is right about one thing in Frasier’s life in Chicago. After more than a decade in Seattle, Frasier decided to leave at the end of the old series. Motivated by his desire to find the best life for him, he was supposed to travel to San Francisco to take a TV hosting gig, and while he let that go to prioritize his love life, he ended up landing a similar job in Chicago. Frasier’s Dr. Crane allowed him to exponentially grow his wealth, but despite this, he has regrets over it, which is clearly displayed in the Frasier reboot episode 3, “First Class.”

Now back in Boston, Frasier restarts his life with a revamped perspective. Having more money to spend in his lifetime, he focuses on what truly matters, which is developing a better rapport with his son, Freddy, and doing a job that is actually worthwhile. Frasier has lived an extremely privileged life, and the fact that he can easily decide to move to Boston and not worry about his finances highlights that. However, as great as it is having access to that kind of wealth, it comes with some trade-offs — something that Martin warned him about 30 years ago.

Martin Already Warned Frasier Of The Dangers Of His Chicago TV Show

Frasier reboot's Dr. Crane

As Frasier explains to Alan in “First Class,” Dr. Crane started as an earnest show that aimed to help people, but by the end of it, it had become a gimmicky talk show, which he regrets. It’s the reason why he left the gig despite the massive salary and why doesn’t want to revisit it in his time at Harvard. Frasier’s dilemma wouldn’t have happened if he only remembered Martin’s advice to him in Frasier season 1, episode 9, “Selling Out.” In the outing, Frasier gradually got sucked into the trappings of free stuff in exchange for his endorsement on his radio show.

Eventually, his agent, Bebe Glazer sold the idea of doing a nut commercial that paid a lot. Conflicted about it, Frasier turned to Martin for some words of wisdom, and the Crane patriarch essentially dissuaded him from selling out. Frasier followed his dad’s advice, but unfortunately, he wasn’t able to do that when his Chicago show was turning into a phony, cash-grabbing project. Had he remembered Martin’s counsel, he wouldn’t have to deal with the regret of being attached to something that he is not proud of.

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Why Frasier Took So Long To Quit His Talk Show

Frasier reboot's Frasier in his TV show

Per the Frasier reboot pilot, Frasier and Charlotte were together for many years until they recently broke up, although the reason for their split remains unclear. Considering this, Frasier didn’t have any reason to leave Chicago; he was comfortable with his life there living with his girlfriend and earning a lot of money for minimal work. This made it difficult for him to leave Dr. Crane. He didn’t want to make big changes because he was afraid it would ruin the life that he built in the Windy City. Without Martin or Niles around, Frasier had no one to tell him the harsh reality about his show.

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