• The upcoming Fear the Walking Dead season 8 part 2 will form the final six episodes of the spinoff show.
  • Fear the Walking Dead’s final episode was originally set for November 26.
  • The show’s final two episodes will now form a double-sized finale on November 19.



Fear the Walking Dead is now set to have a supersized series finale. The show, which was the first spinoff from the long-running graphic novel adaptation The Walking Dead, is currently in the middle of its eighth and final season, with the midseason premiere set to air on AMC on October 22. Although the show started out following the beginning of the zombie apocalypse before the events of The Walking Dead, the timelines have converged, and the show featured Lennie James reprising the role of Morgan Jones through the season 8 midseason finale.

Per, AMC has announced a scheduling update for the upcoming Fear the Walking Dead season 8 finale. The final episode, which is titled “The Road Ahead,” was originally set to premiere on November 26, the weekend after American Thanksgiving. However, it has now been moved forward to November 19 as part of a mega-sized two-episode finale paired with the penultimate episode “Fighting Like You.”

The Fear The Walking Dead Finale Is Only The Beginning

Colman Domingo as Victor Strand Anton in Fear The Walking Dead season 8

The reason that the Fear the Walking Dead season 8 part 2 finale is doubling up is likely due to logistics. AMC may be concerned that viewers who are visiting family during Thanksgiving may either still be away from home or traveling and thus be unable to view the episode when it airs. Whatever the reason may be, this sudden announcement that the series finale is expanding to twice the size nevertheless seems reflective of what’s in store for the Walking Dead Universe.

Recently, the franchise has seen several major endings. The Fear the Walking Dead finale comes almost exactly on the first anniversary of the series finale of the flagship show, which went off the air on November 20, 2022. However, these endings are proving to be new beginnings for the overarching Walking Dead franchise.

Fear the Walking Dead may have been the first spinoff to the show, but it was far from the last. Although others have come and gone in the meantime, the post-flagship spinoffs of the show are currently thriving. Both Daryl Dixon and Dead City (the latter following Maggie and Negan) have already been renewed for second seasons, and they are set to be followed by the Rick and Michonne spinoff The Ones Who Live, proving that the franchise is truly undying despite this impending finale.


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