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Yuri Molchan

Social media post published by X boss Elon Musk caused enthusiastic response by crypto community, and XRP army in particular

In a recent post on the social media platform X (known as Twitter before Elon Musk began rebranding this year), tech billionaire and X owner Musk wrote about the Community Notes feature.

These “Notes” include additional information under posts on the X app and correct them if they are misleading, offering direct sources of information for this or that particular news.

Musk wrote that from now on, Community Notes will appear under X posts a lot faster than before.

As often happens, many crypto-themed accounts rushed to present themselves in the comment thread of a post issued by Musk. This time, among the crypto enthusiasts who responded was prominent XRP-focused handle @XRPcryptowolf, David Gokhshtein and many others who began discussing the Community Notes feature introduced by the X owner.

Community urges Musk to sell Tesla for crypto – SHIB, DOGE, BTC

A similar response was made to an earlier X post published by Musk today. That one was about a more affordable version (RWD) of Tesla’s Model Y becoming available.

Several crypto enthusiasts, including Safepal cryptocurrency wallet and Shiba Inu’s marketing expert Lucie responded, offering to buy a Tesla with crypto. Lucie, an advocate of Shiba Inu and a member of its team, stated that she would love it if she could pay in SHIB meme coins.

Last year in October, Elon Musk used his Boring Company to launch a collectible item of limited supply – a perfume called “Burnt Hair.” It was available both for fiat currencies and for crypto. The latter included Shiba Inu, Dogecoin and many other currencies that crypto payments processor BitPay works with, as the payments were done through BitPay.

Basically, even now, Tesla and SpaceX accept Dogecoin as payment for their merchandise. In 2021, Tesla, for a couple of months, even accepted Bitcoin for its e-cars. Later on, Musk shut that option down for environmental concerns to do with the Bitcoin proof-of-work mining process.

Musk then stated that Tesla will resume accepting BTC once at least 50% of the mining begins to happen using renewable energy sources. Per Bitcoin evangelist and head of the MicroStrategy giant Michael Saylor, this milestone was achieved in the year 2021. Still, Tesla has not resumed taking Bitcoin payments yet.

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