No pun intended, but Aaron Schwartzman has had quite the crappy run on season 9 of Bachelor In Paradise thus far.

Upon arriving in Sayulita, Mexico, the 34-year-old quickly formed a connection with the stunning Sam Jeffries, and the duo appeared to be connected at the hip. With Peter Cappio trying to steal her away and the 28-year-old remaining faithful to Aaron, the pair could seemingly get through any obstacle… except for one.

If you have been keeping up with season 9 of Bachelor In Paradise, you may remember that Sam found herself to be a little bit, for lack of a better phrase, backed up since hitting the beach. Going nearly two weeks without using the bathroom, the medical team had to take matters into their own hands, saying that if she did not experience any bowel movement, she would have to leave Paradise to deliver a “poop baby” back in the United States — yikes!

Being the kindhearted individual that he is, Aaron did everything he could to try to help with Sam’s issue, including feeding her copious amounts of food, however, he was unsuccessful. At the start of episode four, Sam was medically removed from the competition, ultimately severing their connection and leaving Aaron as a single man — poor thing!

After chatting with fellow party-of-one, Sean McLaughlin, the pair agreed that a miracle needed to happen in order for them to survive the next rose ceremony, and fortunately, the Bachelor In Paradise Gods delivered.

To conclude episode four, a shooting star flashes across the screen, and then we see a woman’s feet walking down the steps to the beach. With twelve men and only seven women, will this hot new bombshell save one of the five men from elimination, or will this be another fake out like the Hannah Brown situation?

While we don’t know the identity of this new arrival, keep scrolling to see whether or not she allows Aaron to see another week in Paradise.

Does Aaron Schwartzman go home on Bachelor in Paradise season 9?

Screengrab via ABC

Naturally, after giving Sam his undivided attention during his time on the beach, this California native was left packing his bags after the second rose ceremony of the season — he just did not connect with anyone else!

While nothing is one hundred percent confirmed, a Reddit thread revealed which four men leave the beach alongside Aaron, revealing that Will Urena, John Buresh, and Sean McLaughlin, are the other three men who were left single.

Although he did not make it to the finale of Bachelor In Paradise, fans of Bachelor Nation have one burning question: did Aaron and Sam reconnect after she finally delivered her “poop baby?”

While it is unclear whether or not the duo reconvened to pursue a romantic relationship with one another, Aaron and Sam appear to be friends, following each other on Instagram and frequently tagging each other in Instagram stories that reminisce on their time in Paradise together.

While Aaron will be missed on the beach, tune into brand new episodes of Bachelor in Paradise every Thursday at 9pm ET/8pm CT on ABC, with new episodes available to stream on Hulu the next day.

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