Ridley Scott is ready to reveal some details of Denzel Washington’s Gladiator 2 role. Coming nearly 24 years after Gladiator dominated the box office with a $503.2 million take on a $103 million budget, the sequel will star Paul Mescal as Lucius, the nephew of Emperor Commodus. Mescal is set to lead the long-awaited sequel alongside Washington, Pedro Pascal, Joseph Quinn, Connie Nielsen, Derek Jacobi, and other prominent actors. The upcoming Gladiator 2 is still shrouded in secrecy, but Scott is starting to reveal more about the movie.

Speaking to Total Film magazine (via GamesRadar), Scott spoke about Washington’s character in particular. Washington will play a man who was wronged by the Romans, branded as a slave, and forced to fight to earn his freedom as a gladiator. More is set to be unveiled as the release date approaches. Check out Scott’s quote below:

During the Roman Empire, slaves had the opportunity to earn their freedom by purchasing it or by securing it from their masters through grand acts. Gladiator established the opportunity to earn freedom through success in the arena, and Washington’s character appears to have received his freedom as a gladiator. Since then, he has become rich, but that does not mean he has forgiven the Empire that enslaved him.

The entire cast of Gladiator 2 will have its own motivations to fight for and against the Empire, but Washington’s character is distinct. Many other characters were born as powerful members of Rome’s higher class. Washington will play a man forced to fight as a slave who later fought to become free and wealthy. It is a unique role, especially given that there are still many mysteries about the character. His conflicts with the Empire will play a central part, and he could influence Lucius.

With the movie revolving around the nephew of an Emperor, there could be some tension between Washington’s character and Lucius since their upbringings will have been very different. Lucius was raised to respect the Roman Empire, while the other has learned its horrors first-hand. If Lucius doubts only his uncle, Washington’s character can provide many reasons to doubt the integrity of the entire Empire. Washington’s character will play a unique role in Gladiator 2, and it could change the movie’s take on the Roman Empire forever.

Source: Total Film (via GamesRadar)

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