Deadpool 3 Taylor Swift Cameo
Credit: Taylor Swift / @taylorswift (Instagram)

A Deadpool 3 Taylor Swift cameo might sound outlandish, but rumors are swirling about the international superstar singer appearing in the third movie. Here’s what you need to know about the potential Taylor Swift Deadpool 3 cameo and Lady Deadpool.

Is Taylor Swift in Deadpool 3?

Taylor Swift is reportedly playing herself in Deadpool 3.

Update: Reliable leaker @MyTimeToShineHello has stated that Taylor Swift will be in the movie and playing herself.

At the time of writing, Taylor Swift’s appearance in Deadpool 3 has neither been confirmed nor denied.

Rumors surrounding the singer’s appearance in the movie started back in November, as fans noticed that the Deadpool 3 Wolverine reveal was filmed in the same house as a Taylor Swift music video. Some took this as a tease that Taylor Swift would be in the upcoming Deadpool 3. (via Independent)

Ryan Reynolds said that Taylor Swift wouldn’t be appearing in the movie, but he would “of course” be happy for her to be added in.

Confusing matters was the existence of a photo of Taylor Swift wearing a complete Deadpool costume for Halloween in 2016:

Deadpool 3 Taylor Swift Cameo
Credit: Taylor Swift / @taylorswift (Instagram)

The image was posted to Taylor Swift’s Instagram alongside the following caption thanking Ryan Reynolds:

Thanks @vancityreynolds for this costume, you’re the BEST deadpool inside contact ever.

Is Taylor Swift going to be Lady Deadpool?

Taylor Swift is unlikely to be Lady Deadpool in Deadpool 3.

With multiple versions of Deadpool expected to appear in Deadpool 3, some fans are anticipating the appearance of Lady Deadpool, as a nod to the Deadpool Corp. Nothing has been confirmed, however.

While it’s possible that Taylor Swift could play Lady Deadpool, I think many would agree that actor Blake Lively would be a more obvious choice, given that she’s Ryan Reynold’s actual wife.

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