The Big Picture

  • Creepshow, the beloved horror anthology series, is expanding into the world of video games with a new title.
  • The teaser for the game sets the eerie tone, featuring a fortune-teller with an eyeless visage in a comic-book-like aesthetic.
  • The game follows the anthology format of the series, with multiple indie horror developers contributing to explore different genres of horror in self-contained levels or modes. It promises to be a love letter to classic horror films and games.

From the original George A. Romero films to the most recent fourth season of the Shudder anthology series from Greg Nicotero, Creepshow has always been the most fun you can have being scared. Now, that fun is about to cross over into the realm of video games with a new title based on the series. During The Indie Horror Showcase presented by indie horror game studio and publisher DreadXP, a short teaser was played that invites viewers into the world of The Creep for some deliciously creepy scares.

The teaser doesn’t reveal much about the gameplay of the Creepshow video game, but it does set the tone early with an eerie fortune-teller beckoning viewers closer. He promises there’s nothing to fear, only to lift his head and reveal his eyeless visage below his wide-brimmed hat. Not unlike the Borderlands games, the game goes for a sharp, comic-book-like aesthetic in keeping with the series’s framing device of pulling its horrific stories straight from the pages of the comics The Creep reads. One final shot reveals the spooky storyteller himself as he points out the game is coming soon while grasping a controller.

The Creepshow game was originally announced just over a year ago as a partnership between AMC with Creepshow production company Cartel Entertainment and DreadXP. As such, there’s some real heavyweight talent behind the project with The Mortuary Assistant developer Brian Clarke of DarkStone Digital on board as the game’s creative director. In keeping with the anthology format of the series, the game, too, is constructed with a similar formula, albeit with multiple indie horror developers contributing instead of horror directors. Expect different genres of horror to be explored in self-contained levels or modes through various gameplay loops. A lot of inspiration for the project came from DreadXP’s medleys of mini horror games, the Dread X Collection series, meaning Creepshow could follow that path. If the series is any indication, the game should be a love letter to classic horror films and games alike.

‘Creepshow’ Remains a Horror Staple for Shudder

Image via Shudder

As the anthology series prepares to enter the video game realm, it’s still doing quite well for itself over on Shudder. Nicotero brought his special effects magic back for another round on October 13 in a new batch of episodes that features even more frightening creatures to behold. As always, the slate of guest cast members and directors is stacked, including horror veteran Tom Atkins who was previously in the original 1982 film from Romero and Stephen King. Episodes of the fourth season are currently still airing on the linear AMC network, but all episodes can be streamed now on Shudder.

The Creepshow video game is slated to release on multiple platforms. Stay tuned here at Collider for more on this campy and creepy adaptation and check out the teaser below for a brief look at the upcoming horror game.

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