Cisco, a prominent player in the world of networking and cybersecurity, has issued a critical security advisory concerning multiple vulnerabilities in their Catalyst SD-WAN Manager, formerly known as Cisco SD-WAN vManage. 

These vulnerabilities could potentially open doors for cyber attackers to access affected systems or cause a significant denial of service (DoS) situation.

First and foremost, it’s important to note that there are no workarounds available to mitigate these vulnerabilities. 

This means that immediate action is necessary to address these critical issues.



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Vulnerabilities Unveiled: CVEs and CVSS Scores

CVE-2023-20252: This vulnerability involves unauthorized access to Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Manager via Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) APIs. 

An attacker, even if unauthenticated, could potentially gain unauthorized access to the application as an arbitrary user. The severity of this vulnerability is rated as Critical with a CVSS Base Score of 9.8.

CVE-2023-20253: This vulnerability affects the CLI (Command-Line Interface) of Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Manager. 

It could allow an authenticated, local attacker with read-only privileges to bypass authorization and roll back controller configurations, which could then be deployed to downstream routers. 

This vulnerability is rated as High with a CVSS Base Score of 8.4.

CVE-2023-20034: Here, an information disclosure vulnerability is revealed. It involves an unauthenticated, remote attacker accessing the Elasticsearch database of an affected system with the privileges of the Elasticsearch user. 

This vulnerability is rated as High with a CVSS Base Score of 7.5.

CVE-2023-20254: This vulnerability pertains to the session management system of Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Manager’s multi-tenant feature. 

An authenticated, remote attacker could access another tenant managed by the same instance, potentially leading to unauthorized configuration changes or causing a denial of service (DoS) situation. It has a High severity rating with a CVSS Base Score of 7.2.

CVE-2023-20262: Lastly, there is a vulnerability in the SSH (Secure Shell) service of Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Manager, which could lead to a process crash, resulting in a DoS condition for SSH access. 

This vulnerability is rated as Medium with a CVSS Base Score of 5.3.

Affected Products and Fixed Software

The vulnerabilities impact Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Manager, and users must determine if their software releases are vulnerable. 

Cisco has released software updates to address these issues. Users with service contracts should obtain security fixes through their usual channels.

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