Miracles are hard to come by nowadays, so let’s rewind about a century to a time when a beacon of hope arrived in America, one that came in the form of a woman and an immigrant. The upcoming biopic film, Cabrini, tells the story of Frances Xavier Cabrini, an Italian nun whose mission to help others earned her the title of the Patron Saint of Immigrants. Biopics can be a tricky genre. Sometimes life is stranger than fiction, but it can also be more boring. Sometimes the truth of a person’s life gets lost with the passing years. Sometimes the momentous milestones we face in real life can feel like tropes on the screen. But something about Cabrini feels different. With a promising cast that includes both Italian and American actors and the narrative gravitas that accompanies the journey to sainthood, the film seems crafted to resonate with those who grew up admiring Cabrini in Sunday school, as well as those who’ve never heard her name before seeing it on the marquee. Here is everything we know so far about Cabrini.

Is There a Trailer for ‘Cabrini’?

The official theatrical trailer for Cabrini was released on July 5, 2023, over nine months ahead of the film’s anticipated release, leaving fans plenty of time to get excited.

It can be easy for films about saintly religious figures to become stories of untouchable characters, shielded by their divinity. But in the trailer we see a deeply emotional approach to the story of Cabrini’s life, diving deep into the real woman behind the miracles. We see her in quiet contemplation in Italy, working alongside her sisters to improve the lives of others. However, as she steps off the boat into the gritty world of early 1900s New York, a foreign country far from where she had originally intended to be, her heart remains filled with hope, only to discover her fellow Italian immigrants living in poverty and facing endless struggles. Despite her religious authority, she is not immune to these challenges. The trailer also teases the central conflict of the film, highlighting the opposition that Cabrini faced, both as a woman and as an immigrant, from the very people in the place where she was trying to do good. For those who want an even deeper dive into the film before its release, Angel Studios also conducted an hour-long livestream with CEO Neal Harmon as well as the director and executive producer of the film.

When Will ‘Cabrini’ Be Released?

The film will be released on Friday, March 8, 2024, which is fittingly also International Women’s Day. The film’s official website says that the film will be available in theaters. No word yet on where it will be available to stream after its theatrical release, but the film is released by Angel Studios, who have a track record of making projects as accessible as possible, so we can likely expect a digital distribution plan to be announced.

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What Is ‘Cabrini’ About?

Image via Angel Studios

The film is based on the incredible real-life story of Frances Xavier Cabrini, an Italian-American nun who later became known as the Patron Saint of Immigrants. An immigrant herself, she was born in 1850 in Italy into a deeply religious family which eventually led her to become a nun and later founding the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, an order of nuns dedicated to helping those in need. In 1887, Cabrini went to seek the pope’s approval to achieve her lifelong goal of establishing missions in China. She gained his approval, but not for her mission to China. Instead, he sent her to America, following the millions of Italian immigrants who had already landed there. In addition to a lack of religious guidance, many of them had no money, no place to stay, and a language barrier to overcome once they reached American soil.

Mother Cabrini and six of her sisters set sail to establish schools to educate immigrant children, who often had no access to proper education, and founded orphanages to care for children who had been abandoned. These deeds and many more defined her legacy and eventually made her the first American citizen to ever become a saint. Until the film is released we won’t know how closely the plot sticks to the true story of her life, but the film has been described as a biopic, so we can assume that it will touch on all the massive moments of her life as well as dive into some of her more personal relationships that are often left out of history books.

Who’s In the Cast of ‘Cabrini’?

Image via Angel Studios

The film stars Italian actress Cristiana Dell’Anna as the titular Cabrini. Taking on the job of embodying a saint isn’t exactly easy, but with credits in Italian films like The Hand of God and The King of Laughter which gained success in both Italy and America, Dell’Anna seems up to the task. Playing Archbishop Corrigan is Davis Morse, an American actor with a long list of credits both on the stage and screen though best known for his work in The Green Mile and The Hurt Locker. Rounding out the main cast is awarded actor John Lithgow playing Mayor Gould.

Who’s Making ‘Cabrini’?

Cabrini Still
Image via Angel Studios

Cabrini is the latest film from Angel Studios, the media company behind popular TV shows like The Chosen and the feature film box office success Sound of Freedom. Though the studio has no official religious affiliation, it often focuses on stories with a basis in Christianity and an overarching mission to create inspiring, meaningful stories. Angel Studios gained notoriety for its unique financing method, utilizing large-scale crowdfunding for some of its projects. The Chosen, for example, has raised over $10.3 million in crowdfunding and is still growing.

Cabrini is directed by Alejandro Monteverde, who most recently directed Sound of Freedom, making this his second project with Angel Studios. The film about a U.S. agent on a mission to rescue children in Latin America from sex trafficking has grossed more than $190 million worldwide. The film was written by Alejandro Monteverde and Rod Barr. The film was shot by Spanish cinematographer Gorka Gómez Andreu, who also shot Sound of Freedom making this his second collaboration with Monteverde.

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