Bitfinex is set to debut a new documentary, “Don’t Trust…Verify,” on Oct. 22 in Lugano, Switzerland, presenting an in-depth exploration of Bitcoin adoption in El Salvador and the potential implications for the country’s future as reported in the company’s press release.

The 45-minute documentary sheds light on the transformative impact of Bitcoin on El Salvador and its citizens. In information shared with CryptoSlate, Bitfinex stated the film provides an intimate, behind-the-scenes perspective following Bitfinex CTO and soon-to-be Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino’s journey to El Salvador, where he engaged with government officials and community leaders actively facilitating Bitcoin adoption.

The film offers audiences a unique glimpse into the initial cypherpunk movement while introducing local El Salvadorans and Bitcoin evangelists striving to transform the “Land of Volcanoes” into a financial hub in Latin America. As stated by Paolo Ardoino, Bitfinex is committed to the “fundamental concept of freedom in its entirety.” He asserts that technologies like Bitcoin and the Lightning Network are instrumental in preserving and expanding individual liberty globally.

Co-directed and written by Bitfinex CMO Elodie Jallet and internal content creator Ricardo Martinez, “Don’t Trust…Verify” is tentatively scheduled for multiple screenings throughout the year, with a notable presentation at the upcoming Adopting Bitcoin 2023 conference on Nov. 7.

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