The best Netflix horror movies offer something for all types of horror fans. On the streaming service, Netflix has both curated content from theatrical releases from the past and several of its own critically acclaimed horror releases made directly for streaming. Given the popularity of the genre, Netflix’s commitment to providing scares for spook fans is a big reason to part with the subscription money, especially in the run-up to Halloween.

Among the pick of the platform’s offering are demonic possession movies, slashers, Stephen King adaptations, and both classics and new modern-day horrors. Between the visceral thrills of being scared and the mystifying visual effects, Netflix’s best horror movies will deliver. Whether it’s a jump-scare-filled popcorn flick or an elevated horror where the scares are in the morbid narrative about existential dread, Netflix subscribers can find so many different approaches to the nightmare-inducing genre.

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The Strangers follows a couple who are trapped and terrorized by three masked assailants in their remote vacation home. The premise is tried and true, as the same concept was used for Jordan Peele’s Us and the cult classic Michael Haneke horror movie Funny Games. However, when it comes to home invasion movies, The Strangers is by far one of the most terrifying due to the realistic portrayal of fear and relentless tension. The film is a masterclass in suspense and minimalistic horror, but the movie’s greatest aspect is how it taps into the primal fear of being targeted by strangers for no apparent reason.


Bird Box became a phenomenal success when it was first released, as it was a viral sensation thanks to the meme of Sandra Bullock blindfolded. That led to Bird Box becoming the most-streamed Netflix original movie for years until it was dethroned by Red Notice. However, it wasn’t just the memes that made Bird Box so exciting. The movie follows a small town that becomes ridden with unseen entities that drive people to suicide when they’re looked at, making for one of the most suspenseful Netflix originals. A sequel, Bird Box Barcelona, was released in 2023 and sees the same entities terrorize civilians only on a much bigger scale.


Release Date: December 6, 2019 | Director: Adam Randell | Runtime: 96 minutes

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