• The Batman – Part II is still happening despite James Gunn’s new DC Universe and will be part of DC’s new Elseworlds.
  • The art shared on Instagram envisions Professor Pyg as the villain for The Batman – Part II, fitting perfectly with the movie’s twisted and sinister world.
  • So far, the only confirmed information about The Batman – Part II is its release date of October 3, 2025, and Robert Pattinson’s return. The script is still being finalized due to the WGA strike, and the main villain is rumored to be Hush.



The Batman – Part II is on the way despite James Gunn’s new DC Universe, with the film part of DC’s new Elseworlds, and a dark fan art imagines the perfect twisted villain for the movie. Even though The Batman‘s ending set up a return of The Riddler and the full-on debut of Barry Keoghan’s Joker, the villains could play supporting roles in the same way that the Penguin and others did in The Batman. That way, The Batman – Part II could pick an underused foe from Batman’s extensive Rogue Gallery, and one of them is perfect for director Matt Reeves’ world.

On Instagram, @victor.heroart shared an eerie far art that features Professor Pyg as The Batman – Part II‘s villain.

The art has Robert Pattinson’s Batman look in a mirror, with Professor Pyg staring right back at him beyond the mirror’s bloody exterior. The upcoming DC movie is the perfect spot for Professor Pyg to make his theatrical debut, with the twisted serial killer fitting perfectly with the sinister world that Pattinson’s Batman lives in.

What We Know About The Batman – Part II So Far

Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne Hanging From A Wire in The Batman

Not many The Batman – Part II updates have come since the movie was announced, with its October 3, 2025, release date and shifting filming schedule being the only solid information to come out of The Batman sequel. The movie has faced some issues due to the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strikes having paused work on The Batman – Part II.

Reportedly, The Batman – Part II was aiming for a November filming start; however, the DC movie will be unable to meet that date. With the SAG-AFTRA strike still in play, The Batman – Part II will be unable to have actors on set or even start and end its casting process in time for a November shooting start. Adding to that, the movie’s script still has to be finished, as the WGA strike prevented that from happening, though a new The Batman – Part 2 script update claims Warner Bros. Discovery is looking to get the movie’s script finalized fast.

As for The Batman – Part II‘s story and cast, nothing has been confirmed so far other than Pattinson’s return as Bruce Wayne. That said, characters like Zoë Kravitz’s Catwoman, Jeffrey Wright’s Jim Gordon, Andy Serkis’ Alfred Pennyworth, and especially Colin Farrel’s Penguin — given Max’s The Penguin will bridge the gap between The Batman and The Batman – Part II — should return. Keoghan’s Joker and Paul Dano’s Riddler could also appear, although the latest The Batman – Part II rumors claim Hush will be the main villain of the film.

Source: @victor.heroart/Instagram

Key Release Dates

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