Asanti Datacentres has signed an energy supply deal which will reduce the carbon emissions at its operations across the UK to zero.  

The deal with Bryt Energy means that Asanti will reduce its carbon footprint significantly, reducing carbon emissions related to its 14mKW of energy use to zero, eradicating an estimated 2,856 tonnes of CO2 every year.  

Asanti operates six ‘regional edge’ data centres across the UK, including Hamilton, Livingston, Reading, Leeds, Farnborough and Manchester.  

The news comes during the Scottish Government’s ‘Climate Week’, an annual event that encourages individuals, communities and businesses to come together and raise awareness of what’s being done to tackle the global climate emergency.  

The signed 100% renewable electricity contract, Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), means that Asanti’s data centres will be powered by a combination of solar, wind and hydro energy, which will be supplied by Bryt Energy. Business-wise solutions supported Asanti throughout the process and will continue to manage the energy procurement on its behalf. 

Its move to 100% zero carbon compares to a UK industry average of less than 40%.  

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