A new trailer for Gen V episode 7 reveals another returning villain from The Boys, who confronts Marie about what’s going on in the Woods.

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Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Gen V episode 6!




  • Gen V episode 7 trailer teases a face-off between Marie and a villain from The Boys as the plot thickens with the creation of a dangerous virus.
  • The Woods under Godolkin University holds secret experiments for a virus that only affects Supes, but now the goal is to make it contagious.
  • The cast of Gen V is expanding with a cameo from The Boys, with Marie confronting Victoria Neuman and chaos ensuing at a political rally.

A new trailer for Gen V episode 7 has arrived, teasing a confrontation between Marie and a villain from The Boys. The previous episode of the spinoff revealed the experiments in the Woods under Godolkin University are for the creation of a virus that only impacts Supes. The program is being overseen by Dean Indira Shetty, who wants to make the now-successful virus contagious.

Now, Prime Video has released a new trailer for episode 7, revealing the returning cast of Gen V will be expanded with another cameo from The Boys. In the preview – which can be found on the show’s Prime Video page – Marie confronts Victoria Neuman about the Woods. The trailer also reveals some of the core students in a runaway ambulance and a Supe attacking one of Victoria’s political rallies.

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Source: Prime Video

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