If you like anime or manga and have an affinity for sci-fi stories, chances are that you’re familiar with Tokyo Revengers. Since its debut in 2017, Ken Wakui’s series has gathered the public’s attention for its compelling characters and premise, but it was in 2021 that things really kicked off. The first season was one of the best anime hits of the year, bringing in new fans and contributing to the hype surrounding the manga.

With a nice balance between entertaining action scenes and romance, Tokyo Revengers can appeal to a wide range of readers and viewers, with enough plot twists to keep the story interesting. But don’t take it from me; there are concrete methods of judging Tokyo Revengers‘ success. Perhaps the biggest example is the fact that the series has managed to break into the list of the best-selling manga of all time, currently ranking higher than hits such as Berserk, Haikyuu!!, Gintama, and The Seven Deadly Sins.

Like all manga and anime series, Tokyo Revengers is organized into arcs, that serve to structure the story and help the audience distinguish between parts of its narrative and plotlines. Whether you’re a newbie to Tokyo Revengers who wants to know more about the series, or a longtime fan looking to rewatch or re-read your favorite plotline, knowing where certain arcs begin and end can be helpful. Luckily for you, we have them all listed in order right here, accompanied by information about where they’re located in the manga and anime.

Tokyo Revengers‘ story arcs

Takemichi Hanagaki in season 1 of Toyo Revengers.
Image via Liden Films

Although the Tokyo Revengers anime adaptation is in its third season, the manga is already finished, meaning that we already know exactly how many story arcs this series has. With a total of 278 chapters compiled into 31 volumes, Tokyo Revengers is divided into seven arcs, with the last one broken down into two parts.

  • Toman arc — Manga chapters 1-12; Anime episodes 1-5
  • Moebius arc — Manga chapters 13-33; Anime episodes 6-12
  • Valhalla arc — Manga chapters 34-77; Anime episodes 13-25
  • Black Dragon arc — Manga chapters 78-121; Anime episodes 26-37
  • Tenjiku arc — Manga chapters 122-185; Anime episodes 37-present
  • Bonten arc — Manga chapters 186-206
  • Final arc — Manga chapters 207-278
    • Three Deities arc — Manga chapters 207-235
    • Kanto Manji arc — Manga chapters 236-278

This seems like too few arcs compared to some other big Shonen hits, doesn’t it? For avid fans, it certainly is, as there was a lot more that could (and should) have been explored before the story wrapped up. Nevertheless, Tokyo Revengers is worth your while.

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