The Alien comic franchise is getting the violent anthology it deserves in a brand-new Black, White and Blood series. Alien has been a part of the Marvel line of comics for quite some time now. This expansive series has given fans a glimpse into the world of the popular franchise with stories that feature new iterations of the monster including Human/Xeno hybrids. While the comics can be pretty violent though, the series will finally be unleashing its full R-rated identity in a new series.

According to Marvel, Alien: Black, White & Blood will be following the footsteps of other Marvel Comics characters such as Wolverine and Elektra with a series that will see the Xenomorphs unleashing “unbridled violence with shocking stories crafted by some of the industry’s hottest talents.”

Similar to previous outings for this anthology series, the pages within will feature darker stories revolving around the Alien universe in glorious black and white, with the more bloody moments highlighted in a gruesome red. It’s the perfect outlet for the Xenomorphs to show off what’s made them iconic movie monsters over the years.

Helming the ultra-violent anthology will be some of the most talented writers and artists working in the industry today. Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly will be taking a break from their Western revamp of Guardians of the Galaxy to team up with Amazing Spider-Man artist Michael Dowling in a story called “Utopia” for “a generations-spanning saga” that will explore a colony trying to find a new home only to be “shaped by their fear of the Xenomorphs.” Meanwhile, Winter Guard writer Ryan Cady will work alongside newcomer artist Devmayla Pramanik in a story called “Maternal Instincts,” telling the tale of a child in a similar situation as Aliens‘ Newt as they attempt to survive aboard a ghost ship following an attack by the Xenomorphs. These entries to the anthology will undoubtedly provide fascinating stories that welcome beloved new characters to the Alien universe.

The final tale by Cosmic Ghost Rider writer Stephanie Phillips and Moon Knight: City of the Dead artist Marcelo Ferreira could provide interesting insight into the franchise’s greatest human threat. “The Hunt” will feature Weyland-Yutani Corp opening up their own Westworld-style attraction for the wealthy as they give paying customers “a chance to hunt down the galaxy’s deadliest species.” This concept alone is not only ripe for social commentary but also could explore the grip the corporation has on future society since they’re capable of crafting something as dangerous as this and succeed. It’s been established in past comics that Weyland-Yutani wants the Xenomorphs to harvest their biological material instead of making them weapons, but now it looks like they’ll have other uses for the Perfect Organism on top of that.

Fans can expect to pick up the first issue of this exciting new series when it hits comic stands February 7, 2024. The Xenomorph has become known as one of the bloodiest and most relentless creatures in all fiction. Now, this new Black, White & Blood anthology will give the creatures the violent outlet they deserve as the Alien franchise unleashes the Xenomorphs and their universe’s full potential.

Look for Alien: Black, White & Blood on February 7 from Marvel Comics!

Source: Marvel

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