Many fans know Flash Thompson as Peter Parker’s primary bully, but his time as Agent Venom is so memorable it’s still being cosplayed. Flash’s character shifted once more when he became Anti-Venom, adding to Marvel’s broad symbiote lore. Despite Agent Venom’s general absence from recent Marvel Comics events, he is still a very popular symbiote iteration.

While Eugene “Flash” Thompson debuted at the same time as Spider-Man in Amazing Fantasy #15 in 1962, his time as Venom began much later.

Appearing as Venom in 2011 in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #654, it didn’t take long for Flash to become a fan-favorite symbiote. Nonetheless, he would leave his role as Agent Venom and become Anti-Venom/Agent Anti-Venom in 2017.

On Instagram, @danthespider_man and @nerd_fit_ shared a cosplay of Agent Venom, with @nerd_fit_ as the ever-popular symbiote operative, paired with “Agent” Phage, an alternative to the symbiote Phage. These cosplay photos depict two stunning views of the Agent Venom look, providing a multifaceted glimpse of this incredible design. It showcases Venom’s logo and the various additional visual elements, like the spiked pauldrons and gauntlets. It also highlights the silhouette created by the utility belt and non-traditional aspects of this iteration of Venom. The highly specialized design sets itself very distinctly apart from Eddie Brock’s origin Venom, and is even highly distinguishable from every other child of the antihero.

Flash Thompson, as Agent Venom, spent time with the Secret Avengers and completed numerous missions in the role. While Eddie Brock and Dylan Brock would eventually take back and acquire the mantles of Venom once more, Flash has kept busy as Agent Anti-Venom. Nonetheless, where his symbiote alter egos are concerned, he’ll likely always be best known as Agent Venom. Some staying power may derive from the familiarity of Venom but could also be largely attributed to his incredible visual design. It stays true to the original character, with a fresh twist. It changes just enough to fit a new purpose, but keeps all the core elements needed to make him readily recognizable.

Spider-Man has faced off against numerous symbiote foes, from the Life Foundation symbiotes, to Knull, the former King in Black. Yet Agent Venom didn’t fit the same bill as the original Lethal Protector, who often saw Spider-Man as an obstacle instead of a true ally. As a result, Flash was able to carve out a unique identity during his time as Agent Venom. Though he went through losses and reunification with the symbiote, he’d get to partner up with iconic Avengers, and even spend time as part of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Regardless of where Venom ends up next, Flash Thompson’s Agent Venom will likely remain a popular – and incredible – cosplay option.

Source: @danthespider_man, @nerd_fit_

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