The latest guideline from the SAG-AFTRA Strike has been a somewhat more controversial one. The Screen Actors Guild has been on strike against the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) since July 14, fighting for fair pay along with issues such as transparency in streaming viewership numbers, better streaming residuals, and regulation of the use of AI. During the strike, actors are refraining from working on struck productions and from promoting struck productions, past or present.

A new SAG-AFTRA guideline during the 2023 actors strike regulates Halloween costumes worn by guild members. The guideline says that to maintain solidarity, members should refrain from dressing up as IP characters – including Barbie and Ken – from productions that are currently struck. They are encouraged to “dress up as characters from non-struck content, like an animated TV show.” This new guideline has been widely mocked online by fans and union members, including Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds. Check out select social media reactions below:

Ryan Reynolds joked that “I look forward to screaming ‘scab’ at my 8 year old all night.

Vincent Martella shared an image of a Phineas and Ferb costume saying, “you heard the union you gotta dress in this horrific phineas costume.”

John Hoey said, “I am dead serious when I say I thought this was from The Onion.

Greg Grunberg joked, “I guess we’re all going as a poop emoji this year.

novamcneary97 shared photos of costumes of Quagmire, Homer Simpson, the Scooby gang, and SpongeBob, saying, “sag-aftra halloween 2023 boutta be lit.”

Paul V. Rea reflected that the guideline is “an unforced error in what was a pretty strong messaging campaign.

Peter Rizzo joked that, “in solidarity with this, if any kids come to my door on Halloween dressed as Barbie or superheroes I’m spraying them with a hose. Not in my neighborhood, scabs.

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