This article contains spoilers for One-Punch Man Chapter #192 (JP)One-Punch Man confirms the long-awaited return of the beloved Manako – whose name is translated as Oculette in the official Viz Media English release of the manga – a beloved side-character that could also help in solving one of the biggest mysteries in the series. Fans have been waiting for confirmation of Oculette’s whereabouts since the end of the Monster Association arc.

While King is looking for someone to train him to get stronger, in chapter #192 of One-Punch Man, the unwilling hero has inadvertently contributed to a major plot development. As King is leaving in Ultimate Training Ground he crosses paths with a shiloutte shaped like Oculette hiding in the nearby bushes. He promptly runs in terror, misidentifying her as a bear. Despite King’s mistake, the identity of this figure is immediately obvious to One-Punch Man readers, who have been in love with this character ever since her debut.

In addition to being one of the most popular One-Punch Man supporting characters, Oculette/Manako is also a potential lead to several major plotlines. After her disappearance at the end of the Monster Association Arc, Flashy Flash set off in relentless pursuit of answers about her whereabouts. The fanbase took this as yet another joke and ran with it, hoping for a romantic relationship between Flashy Flash and Manako. The S-Class hero, however, has been insistent that he is purely looking for information on God. Along with Saitama and Flashy Flash, Manako made contact with God during the heroes’ assault on the Monster Association base.

Manako, in fact, may be the key for the heroes to gain more information about the powerful, but vaguely defined One-Punch Man ultimate villain known as God. As a Mysterious Being, Manako likely has some general connection to God, who is almost certainly affiliated with the monsters and has shown the power to create them. More importantly, however, Manako was of the few characters able to directly make contact with God, explaining why Flashy Flash is so concerned about finding her. Although the exact nature and specific threat posed by God are currently vague and poorly understood, Manako’s direct connection to the powerful entity has the potential to be a major factor in the plot going forward.

While the fanbase will be glad that one of the series’ most beloved minor characters has now returned, Manako/Oculette’s appearance has the potential to play a major role in future storylines. Manako may be key to unraveling the mysteries of God and may prove a huge asset to the heroes as the plot of One-Punch Man progresses, while also providing more fuel for hilarious situations and gags.

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