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  • The feud between Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice has been the central storyline of
    , with the two constantly competing against each other.
  • They have clashed over various issues, including cookbook publication, choosing opposite sides in cast altercations, and fighting over family history.
  • Gorga and Giudice have a strong dislike for each other and have made it clear that they will never be best friends, but they will continue to respect each other as family. Their ongoing feud will continue to be a major focus in future seasons of RHONJ.



Viewers were instantly drawn into the lives of the women in The Real Housewives of New Jersey when it first debuted on Bravo back in 2009. The New Jersey housewives featured in the show — Danielle Staub, Jennifer Aydin, Dina Manzo, Margaret Josephs, and Dolores Catania, among others — have all provided their fair share of unforgettable moments. The show, however, is centered on the family drama surrounding Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice, and their rivalry has been the focal point of RHONJ ever since Gorga joined the cast in 2011 as Giudice’s sister-in-law.

The feud between Gorga and Giudice has been the main storyline of RHONJ throughout the years, with the two seemingly competing over everything. But while there has been strain in their relationship from the very beginning, the two — to say the least — have tried their best at reconciliation, though, most of the time, it is temporary.

We can say Gorga and Giudice were just two competitive women, but we all know they just couldn’t stand the sight of one of them prevailing. And below are some of the instances where the two were in clear competition.

5 Cookbook Publication

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Image via St. Martin’s Griffin, Running Press Adult

Giudice wrote several cookbooks, including Skinny Italian in 2010, Fabulicious in 2011, and Fast & Fit in 2012. All of her published books were thus far successful and were even named New York Times Best Sellers. Of course, Gorga joined the publishing world with her 2015 book, Love, Italian Style: The Secret of My Hot and Happy Marriage.

4 Choosing Opposite Sides

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Gorga and Giudice had times when they got along, particularly when it came to their shared dislike of Jacqueline Laurita. But the two appear to have sided with a different team when picking sides in a RHONJ cast altercation. During Season 9, the reality show’s cast traveled to Mexico. However, as is customary, a fight broke out, this time involving Margaret Josephs and Danielle Staub. And they both chose different sides.

3 Fighting Over Family History

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Guidice and Gorga argued about issues related to their family and their respective husbands, so it’s safe to say it has fueled the tension between them. Moreover, during the 17th episode of Season 13, the two have yet again fought over their family history, especially when Guidice confronted Gorga about speaking to her daughter about their family issue while filming.

2 Their Dislike for One Another

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The two have never gotten along and have made that clear, even to the point where they appear to be competing over who despises the other more. Guidice did not invite her sister-in-law to be a bridesmaid in her wedding to Luis Ruelas, and while it is a choice, audiences are aware that she will never be invited in the first place, given their prevalent feud.

On the other hand, Gorga told Extra in 2022 that she and Guidice will never be “besties.”

“I think that everyone was always rooting for us to be besties, but, and I just hate to let everyone down… but it’s just, it’s not going to happen,” said Gorga, adding: “I just feel like I’ve tried for so many years and you know… at some point you have to throw in the towel. You know, at some point you have to say, ‘Okay, we’re not going to be this, but we’re family and we’re going to respect each other.’”

1 Being RHONJ’s Biggest Queen Bee

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Their feud is far from over, that’s for sure. And even with their taglines, they just keep on throwing shade at one another. In their Season 13 tagline, Guidice said: “You’ll never see how toxic someone is until you breathe fresher air.” Gorga, moreover, said that “blood may be thicker than water, but it’s harder to clean when it spills.” Despite their ongoing (and seemingly unstoppable) feud, though, neither one of them wants to exit RHONJ any time soon. And fans can expect to see more of their fight when RHONJ returns for Season 14.

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