• Despite the challenges of fame and public scrutiny, some relationships from Terrace House were able to survive, while others fell apart.
  • Couples like Tsubasa and Shion and Chikako and Taishi broke up, while Anna and Wez’s relationship status remains unknown.
  • The only successful couple from Terrace House is Noah and Seina, who got married, had a baby, and continue to thrive in their careers as models and influencers.



For many searching for love, Terrace House provided an opportunity to realize this dream, but not all couples stayed together. In fact, like many other reality dating series, few couples could stand the test of time and distance. Love brought starry-eyed couples together onscreen as they shared their first kisses and embraces with the world. While some Terrace House housemates were better than others, both problematic and seemingly perfect couples flourished.

Despite the pressure of being in the limelight and public scrutiny, there have been relationships that survived the difficulties of life after Terrace House fame who lived to tell the tale. Others, however, have succumbed to negative pressures, and their love has since ended – despite all hopeful wishes. While certain Terrace House relationships seemed poised for the long hall, most couples fell apart. Is anyone still together?

Tsubasa & Shion – Not Together

terrace house tsubasa shion

After a year of dating, Tsubasa and Shion decided to go their separate ways. The couple publicly apologized for their split and thanked fans for their support. Tsubasa and Shion appear to be single in 2023, so perhaps there’s still hope for a reconciliation.

Anna & Wez – Unknown

terrace house wez

Anna and Wez allegedly survived the long haul, but Wez has disappeared from Anna’s social media feed and has no online presence of his own anymore. Anna has been to over 35 countries and continues to surf and travel. Unfortunately, her travel blog is in Japanese. There has been no indication if Wez and Anna are still together, leading to the likelihood they have broken up.

Eric & Cheri – Not Together

eric terrace house

Eric and Cheri weren’t expected to last long, so their breakup wasn’t a surprise. The former has since opened a restaurant, Punchbowl, which he continues to run and advertise on Instagram. Cheri works in real estate, which she began before appearing on Terrace House. Eric is now married with a daughter, Issa.

Chikako & Taishi – Not Together

Chikako Taishi Terrace House

Chikako and Taishi appeared on a Japanese TV show called New Couples and gave fans hope for Terrace House pairs, but they tragically broke up in August 2019. Chikako’s acting career has taken off, and although she was seeing actor Matthew Knowles as late as 2021, it’s unknown if they’re still together. Taishi appears single and has continued acting and modeling.

Yuan & Avian – Broken Up

yuan and avian terrace house

Yuan and Avian continued dating after the show ended, but they seem to have ended their relationship. The former is putting his looks to good use and is modeling now in Tokyo. Avian’s brand, ILA Swim, is soaring, and she travels between Tokyo and Hawaii. Their breakup wasn’t too surprising, and both are thriving post-Terrace House.

Martha & Arman – Broken Up

terrace house martha arman

Martha and Arman were considered among the best couples on Terrace House. After going off-air, the entertaining duo went on to date for a long time. Sadly, however, Martha and Arman seem to have been broken up for years. She also moved away from his home state of Hawaii. Arman has replaced pictures of himself and Martha with surfing pics and is now working as a film production coordinator.

Minori & Uchi – Not Together

Wedding bells rang for Minori, but she did not walk down the aisle to meet Uchi. Reports say she got married recently, but not to the Terrace House star. This probably comes as no surprise to viewers since the couple appeared to be on and off and uncommitted to each other.

The beautiful reality TV star is still working as a model. Uchi continues to have a passion for hair; however, he no longer works at the same salon he was at during his time at Terrace House. He has also started his free online school for hairdressers.

Noah & Seina – Married

Seina and Noah are the only successful couple from Terrace House. Despite their 9-year age difference, the pair tied the knot in 2021, breaking the exciting news after they were married. With Noah working as a Scuba rescue diver and both working as models and influencers, they have become the power couple fans were hoping for. Even more excitingly, Seina and Noah welcomed a baby together. Seina posts regularly about their baby’s growth and their journey as parents. While no one else on Terrace House could go the distance, it’s heartwarming to know that Noah and Seina are happily married with a beautiful baby.

Source: Eric De Mendonca/Instagram, Piiyokun/Instagram

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