• The Addams Family movies secured their place in pop culture history with a perfect cast and cleverly written scripts filled with unforgettable dialogue.



The Addams Family live-action movies are beloved by many, and part of that is because of the numerous witty quotes that dot the dialogue of the kooky characters. The perfect cast combined with cleverly written scripts, helped secure their positions as two of the most influential movies in pop culture history. The Addams Family and The Addams Family Values were directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. The iconic supporting cast includes the talents of Christopher Lloyd, Joan Cusack, Dan Hedaya, and Dana Ivey.

Actors Anjelica Huston, Christina Ricci, and Raul Julia steal the show with their portrayals of main characters Morticia, Wednesday, and Gomez, delivering performances and dynamics that were so good, they’re downright irreplaceable. The Addams Family movies endeared themselves with their gothic style and morbid sense of humor, and scripts filled with dialogue that are impossible to forget. Here are 25 of the best quotes from The Addams Family movies.

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25 “I would kill for her. I would die for her. Either way, what bliss.”


In the opening sequence of The Addams Family, Gomez and Thing are making their way around their mansion when Gomez stops in the doorway of their bedroom to admire a sleeping Morticia. He utters this profession of love while he takes in the sight of her. The correlation between love and death is the perfect embodiment of his hopeless devotion to his wife and their morbid lifestyle.

24 “Unhappy, darling? Oh, yes. Yes, completely.”


After she wakes from her beauty sleep, Gomez checks in with Morticia’s well-being in the most unorthodox way possible. It’s honestly unclear what’s more hilarious: his preference of asking about her unhappiness or the fact that she is and is so happy about it. In true Morticia and Gomez fashion, unhappiness is the new happiness.

23 “Cara Mia”


This Italian term of endearment was uttered for the first time in the first act of The Addams Family and is reused countless times throughout the series. “Cara mia” –which translates to “my dear“–is Gomez’s preferred pet name for Morticia. Usually, she replies in French right before they smother each other with kisses.

22 “I wish I had enough time to seek out the dark forces and join the hellish crusade.”


When Gomez checks on Morticia to see how she’s coping with the stress of having a third child, she confesses that she is bothered by something but not exactly what he expects. This statement is Morticia’s way of saying she wants to have her cake and eat it, too. Of course, Morticia’s cake is a little darker than most.

21 “You frightened me. Do it again.”


This scene is an example of the playful dynamic between Morticia and Gomez, who are known for their heavy flirting throughout the Addams Family movies. When Morticia sees her husband spiraling downward, it scares her, but she doesn’t seem to mind. Actually, she quite enjoys it.

20 “Is that for your brother? I don’t think so.”


Wednesday and Morticia have a mother-daughter bond quite like no other. Morticia encourages Wednesday to stay true to herself and supports her in everything she does. This quote proves that. While Morticia pours her heart out to her mother at the kitchen table, Wednesday walks by in the background with a kitchen knife, to her mother’s dissatisfaction. But, it’s not the fact that Wednesday is threatening to stab her brother that she’s concerned with, just the choice of weapon. After confiscating the knife, she hands Wednesday a bigger one.

19 “Our lifeless bodies rotting together for all eternity.”


This profession of love is one of the most romantic quotes in the franchise. In The Addams Family, Morticia and Gomez sit together in their cemetery under a moonlit sky. The intimate setting inspires fond memories of the couple’s first meeting, and the two fantasize about life after death. When Morticia talks about the idea of the two rotting together in matching corpses, she’s saying not even death can keep them apart.

18 “Boys?” “Homicide.”


While Morticia is dropping Wednesday off at camp in The Addams Family Values, they meet Amanda and Ellen Buckman, a mother-daughter duo that are the exact opposite of them. When Morticia tells Ellen that Wednesday only has “one thing on her mind”, Ellen wrongfully assumes it boys, and Wednesday doesn’t hesitate to correct her. Mrs. Buckman tries to hide her discomfort, but Wednesday doesn’t care. She knows that she isn’t like most girls her age, and that doesn’t bother her one bit.

17 “Imagine, darling, if Fester came back. Half alive, barely human. A rotting shell.” “Don’t tease.”


This is another example of the amazing on-screen chemistry between Anjelica Huston and Raul Julia, who made audience fall in love with Gomez and Morticia. In The Addams Family, as Morticia snips away at her red roses, she attempts to offer a gloomy Gomez reassurance about his missing brother. When they propose the idea of resurrecting him as an undead rotting corpse, Gomez finds the idea intriguing.

16 “That poor girl.”


The late Raul Julia was a masterful Gomez. There hasn’t been a live-action Gomez Addams like him since. A scene stealer, he delivered lines like no other with a passion and ferocity that came off as natural. This scene was a prime example of his amazing delivery. When Gomez lifts the top of a life-size cake to find nothing but vapor inside, It’s clear he was expecting a surprised guest, but Lurch apparently baked the cake with her inside. The way everyone moves on completely unfazed is one of The Addams Family’s many charms.

15 “The human spirit, it is a hard thing to kill.” “Even with a chainsaw.”


When a skeptical Wednesday questions the news of her uncle’s return from the Bermuda Triangle, the phony Dr. Pinderschloss tries to deter her. When she tells Wednesday the human spirit is hard to kill, Granny co-signs in a way that insinuates that she knows this for a fact. Knowing The Addams, it wouldn’t be surprising.

14 “All that I can forgive, but, Debbie, pastels?”

Morticia stands in the basement in The Addams Family Values

At the realization that Debbie has become a negative influence on her brother-in-law, Morticia doesn’t bat an eye. However, she could not leave Fester’s house without letting Debbie know how tacky her choice of home decor was. Only the great Anjelica Huston could make a line so catty come off so gracefully.

13 “Kids.”


As unorthodox as they may be, the Addams are amazing parents. This scene gives us an example of their loving bond. While the family prepares to have a séance, Pugsley unexpectedly pulls out a meat cleaver. Gomez catches him in the act and confiscates the weapon, and Pugsley replies with an innocent giggle. The way Gomez minimizes the entire situation is a reflection of his passive parenting style and his strong adoration of his children who could never do wrong in his eyes.

12 “No calls. No cares. No survivors.”


A running gag throughout the Addams Family films is the recollection of Morticia and Gomez’s honeymoon. In this scene, as Gomez becomes weary of his brother’s well-being, Morticia recalls a honeymoon cruise where there were no calls, cares, or “survivors.” This horrific memory would trouble most couples, but not The Addams: they were quite pleased with the outcome.

11 “What do you say?” “Now.”


The Addams family dynamic is hilariously unique. This scene showcases that beautifully. During Fester’s first breakfast with The Addams, Wednesday asks him to pass her the salt. Morticia follows up with “What do you say?“, to which Wednesday rudely replies “Now.” The rude, assertive follow-up to such an initially sweet request is so unexpected, it’s laugh-out-loud funny.

10 “Excuse us. Second honeymoon.”


In this scene, Morticia and Gomez can’t keep their hands off of each other as the memories of their visit to the Bermuda Triangle send them down memory lane, seemingly oblivious to the world around them. After firing off a list of deadly venues that include Devil’s Island and the Black Hole of Calcutta, the couple politely excuse themselves.

9 “I believe they own–” “Gomez, no!” “–a Buick!”


When Gomez runs to a local police station to report Debbie’s lying, manipulative ways, he runs down a list of reasonable causes that she should be arrested, except that none of the excuses actually sound harmful or criminal. At worst, he demands the officer issue Debbie a subpoena for purchasing a Buick. It’s hilariously left field, and Huston’s performance only adds to the magic.

8 “Would you die for me? Promise?”


On their wedding night, the gold-digging Debbie begins plotting Fester’s downfall in an attempt to steal his money. It’s clear that she’s up to no good as she snatches the chord of the radio from the outlet and creeps closer to the tub. After he promises to die for her, she tests that theory by throwing the radio in the tub in an attempt to electrocute him. Little did she know that one little brush with death isn’t enough to take down an Addams. The attempt backfires, and she ends up with a happy smiling Fester in the end, much to her disdain.

7 “Cyanide? Fester, as if we’d run out.”


As Morticia attempts to help Fester unpack his luggage, she comes across a group of peculiar items, most of which are deadly weapons. As she takes the items out one by one, she suddenly halts at the sight of a glass bottle. This bottle contains the deadly poison cyanide, which would startle most. Instead, Morticia turns around tickled at the audacity of Fester to dare think she would run out of such an essential ingredient.

6 “It’s called ‘Is There A God?'”


While Wednesday and Pugsley are going about their everyday routine of beheading toys in the attic, Wednesday tries to persuade Pugsley to sit in their electric chair by telling him they’re going to play a game. Ever the gullible Addams, Pugsley sits in the chair excitedly, unsure of what to expect. When Pugsley innocently asks Wednesday what game they’ll be playing, she straps him in and coolly replies “Is there a god?” Pray for Pugsley.

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