• Ghostface’s quotes in the Scream franchise combine pop culture knowledge with real fear, making him an iconic horror movie villain.
  • The new generation of Ghostface killers in Scream 5 target their victims with taunts and personal information, pushing them to become heroes.
  • Ghostface’s quotes in Scream often taunt and manipulate the victims, showing the killer’s obsession and willingness to use anything against them.



The Scream franchise features one of the most iconic horror movie villains of all time and the best Ghostface quotes help to cement that reputation. Over the years of the franchise’s popularity, audiences have come to love the lines that come from the iconic horror villain. Ghostface simultaneously balances hilarity with genuine menace in each entry in Scream. No matter who the killer behind the mask is, they manage to combine pop culture knowledge with real fear,

The Ghostface in Scream IV added a new element to the franchise but also honors what fans have come to expect from the masked killer. This includes his famous taunting of his victims over the phone while quizzing them on their favorite scary movies and displaying some remorseless dark humor while killing the latest victim. Though every movie has featured a different killer (or killers) behind the mask, the unhinged sense of humor and the near-encyclopedic knowledge of horror has remained intact. As memorable as the mask is in the Scream movies, these Ghostface quotes help make it an iconic villain.

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15 “Do You Think I Made It Inside Your House Before You Could Re-arm?”

Talking to Tara – Scream 5 (2022)

Tara Carpenter on the phone in the opening scene of Scream 5

Scream 5 introduced a whole new generation of people in Woodsboro that would be chased by a new generation of Ghostface killers. This particular Ghostface quote comes from the beginning of the movie as Tara takes her first phone call from the killer and becomes a target.

While the call begins with Tara and Ghostface talking about horror movies (Tara prefers elevated horror to slasher flicks), Tara eventually realizes that it’s not a prank. The audience might think that she’s going to get out of being one of Ghostface’s victims because of how drawn out their conversation is, but Ghostface surprises Tara and the audience by revealing that they’ve made it into Tara’s house. It’s a classic jump scare moment in the franchise just before Tara is stabbed multiple times – but she still survives her wounds to become one of the new franchise heroines.

14 “Maybe You’re Too Weak For This Franchise.”

Talking to Sam – Scream 5 (2022)

Melissa Barrera as Sam in a hospital break room in Scream 5 2022

The other new franchise heroine in Scream 5 is Sam, the previously unknown daughter of Billy Loomis. Ghostface knows Sam’s secret, even though she’s tried incredibly hard to keep it ever since she found out as a teenager. The secret is one that she believes tore her family apart, and Sam has been running from it – right up until she finds out her little sister was attacked by Ghostface.

This Ghostface taunts Sam with her family history instead of just scary movies. Though Sam is singled out as the heroine by the duo who take on the Ghostface persona in Scream 5, they think they can “take over the franchise” from her and Sidney, not realizing that the more Sam is taunted and the more her sister is placed in danger, the more likely she is to become violent herself and fight back. This is one of the Ghostface quotes used to provoke her, only turning her into the hero of the story.

13 “Welcome Home, Sidney. Preview Of Events Coming.”

Talking To Sidney – Scream 4 (2011)

Scream 4 Ghostface

Olivia Morris marks the third death in Scream 4. When her phone rings after she is killed, Sidney answers it. On the other end is the familiar, distorted voice of Ghostface in a nod to the iconic “Hello, Sidney”. The addition of the ominous statement, which foreshadows the bloody events that are about to unfold in the movie. It also ties into the movie theme that all the films follow with the mention of a preview or trailer, like in an actual movie. It delves into the meta that the series loves to play with.

12 “I Only Hear You Too, Sidney.”

Talking To Sidney – Scream 3 (2000)

Ghostface from Scream on the Cover of Total Film Magazine Header

Scream 6 without Sidney Prescott was a bold move as she has been tied to each Ghostface as a figure of obsession. In Scream 3, this sinister quote comes in a roundabout, somewhat mocking way. When Sidney answers the phone, the voice on the other end repeats what she says twice. Thinking that it is either Gale or Dewey, she tells the person on the line to call her back because she can only hear herself talking. This is when the voice becomes clear. What makes it such a chilling line is that it shows just how obsessed with Sidney the killer truly is. How Ghostface is willing to use anything against her in his quest to torture Sidney, even her voice.

11 “When You’re Friends With Sid, You Die.”

Talking To Sidney – Scream 3 (2000)

Sydney turns around and sees Ghostface with a knife in Scream.

This hair-raising quote from Scream 3 comes about in more of a mocking tone. Speaking with Sidney on the phone, the Ghostface monologue begins with him taunting her about the people she’s closest to in life. Needless to say, the killer is also twisting the metaphorical knife as well. Telling her that it is up to her to save their lives, Sidney begins to question if the events unfolding are even real. In the end, the whole thing is heartbreaking for the final girl. It’s a tough moment for a well-loved character who has already been through so much pain.

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10 “It’s An Honor.”

To Dewey – Scream 5 (2022)

Screencap from Scream (2022) showing Ghostface stabbing Dewey Riley in the front and back. Dewey grimaces in pain while the masked killer leans in.

Most of the best Ghostface quotes are the ones repeated in multiple movies in the franchise, the ones that taunt the victims. This is not one of those lines. Instead, it’s one said to Dewey in Scream 5 right as he becomes Ghostface’s latest victim.

Dewey survived attacks in multiple movies and was there to protect Sidney and Gale for over 20 years, even when his relationship with Gale ended. Back in his hometown, as a new generation takes over the Ghostface mask is when Dewey meets his end. Even the new Ghostface knows that Dewey is a legend.

9 “If You Want To Be In The Hospital, I’d Be Happy To Put You There.”

Talking To Rebecca – Scream 4 (2011)

Ghostface in Scream Resurrection

As one of the few creepy quotes from Ghostface that isn’t directed at Sidney, this line is said to Rebecca Walters in Scream 4 after her vehicle alarm is triggered inside a parking garage. As Sidney’s publicist and personal assistant, she was fired just moments before the call. Rebecca claims to be inside the hospital, but the voice on the phone does not believe her. It escalates and escalates until she ends up dying quite horribly. The whole scene builds up amazingly to that death, and that quote is one of the reasons it works so well.

8 “Don’t Forget To Set The Alarm.”

Talking To Cici – Scream 2 (1997)

Ghostface in Scream

If the Scream franchise is known for anything, then it’s that there are always multiple cameos from big-name stars. In Scream 2, Sarah Michelle Gellar as Cici Cooper gets taunted by Ghostface in a truly over-the-top scene. This line was intended to mock her attempts at staying safe, making it even creepier. After all, audiences know that when Ghostface says such things then the killer is probably in the house and waiting to strike. Using that knowledge, the scene brings that scare to even greater heights.

7 “Never Say ‘Who’s There?’ Don’t You Watch Scary Movies?”

Talking To Casey – Scream (1996)

Drew Barrymore playing with some knives in Scream.

From the iconic first Scream film, the first character that Ghostface taunts over the phone is Casey Becker. Not sure what to make of the strange phone call, Casey misses a trick question about the first Friday the 13th movie. After all, it’s always Mrs. Vorhees who was the killer, not Jason. With the wrong question, Ghostface seals Casey’s future death. While her boyfriend did die, it’s her that has the most brutal and heartbreaking kill in the first movie. The line also shows Ghostface’s own propensity to look down on others who don’t know the horror movie genre like the killer does.

6 “You Hang Up On Me Again, I’ll Gut You Like A Fish.”

Talking To Casey – Scream (1996)

Drew Barrymore sees Ghostface in Scream. 

This Ghostface quote in the call with Casey turns it from slight fun and flirty to straight-up terrifying. After being hung up on and cursed at, Ghostface could no longer maintain the lighthearted conversation. That’s the key moment when Casey realizes that she’s very much in danger. The line also turns to somewhat prophetic as Ghostface does, indeed, gut Casey like a fish in her kill. The entire scene and conversation are absolutely iconic, making it one of the best openings in horror movie history while setting up the plot for the Scream franchise as a whole. The 180-turn in Ghostface’s demeanor shows that the killer can change from fun to terrifying in a heartbeat.

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5 “I Never Said I Was In Your Closet.”

Talking To Kirby – Scream 4 (2011)

Kirby on the phone with Jill behind her in Scream 4

In Scream 4, Kirby Reed is on the phone with a mysterious voice – Ghostface. She doesn’t seem to be afraid even after the voice reveals what she and Jill are watching on TV. She bravely flings open the closet doors after being told that he is hiding inside. However, no one is found. The line is delivered mockingly to the horror movie buff. At the moment, this is when the friends realize that the killer is next door murdering the neighbor. Not only does the line play with the audience’s expectations, but it also does so with the right character, who is acting the most as an audience surrogate.

4 “Strange That You And I Have Never Spoken On The Phone. This Is Long Overdue.”

To Gale – Scream 6 (2023)

Gale holding a gun out while on the phone in Scream 6

Through the first five movies, Gale Weathers is a Scream franchise staple. She’s there to be blunt, say the things people don’t want to hear, and act as a foil for Sidney. By Scream 6, Sidney isn’t on screen bantering with Ghostface herself, but Gale is.

That’s a big step for the franchise. Even though Gale has been present for the carnage and her career has been built on the Woodsboro murders, she’s never talked to Ghostface. Gale has only ended up a target of Ghostface in the past because she was there, alongside Sidney or Dewey, and in the way. In Scream 6, alone in her apartment in New York, Gale is targeted for her connection to the history of the franchise for the first time, and the new Ghostface is more than ready to confront her.

3 “Hello, Sidney.”

Talking To Sidney – Scream (1996)

Sidney talking on the phone in Scream

As the most iconic one-liner in Scream history, this quote packs a punch every time a fan hears it. Used in the trailers, including the Scream (2022) preview, it delivers a bone-chilling feeling that is associated with cult classic horror movies. Since Sidney has been the obsession of every Ghostface serial killer, it signifies to audience members that her plight is not yet over. The moment those words leave the killer’s mouth, things in the film are about to get very, very real.

2 “What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?”

Talking To Casey – Scream (1996)

Scream 5 2022 Dolby poster Ghostface

This famous Ghostface quote sets up the entire premise of the Scream franchise, which is very into meta-textual storytelling. In the first call with Casey Becker, Ghostface’s iconic line simultaneously nods at previous horror movies while also making it clear that the characters are now in a scary movie. It’s an interesting sort of dichotomy that the franchise loves to play with. This also ties in with many of the parodies – such as Scary Movie – that follow after the success of Scream. In the end, this is Ghostface’s most timeless quote, appearing in the sequels and being referenced throughout pop culture as a whole.

1 “Who Gives A F*** About The Movies!”

Talking To Jason – Scream 6 (2023)

Ghostface with his knife aimed high in Scream 6 ending

The opening scene of Scream 6 perfectly sets itself apart from those that followed and delivers something unexpected. The scene sees the typical opening murder of a big name (Samara Weaving), but instead of cutting to the title card, Ghostface removes his mask and the scene follows him as he goes about the rest of his day only to be targeted by another Ghostface.

The scene goes further in spinning the usual formula on its head. As the horror movie obsessive lies bleeding at Ghostface’s feet, he laments not being able to finish his movie. Ghostface’s surprising line before killing Jason proves this is a new killer with new motivations. Scream 6 has managed to reinvigorate the franchise and provide even more iconic Ghostface quotes.

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