People are using AI photo-generating tools to craft disastrously convincing Disney movie posters that seem so real it’s almost hard to believe they’re not.

Some are convincing, some are downright distasteful, but all of them, dear reader, are 100 percent fake. For the sake of both shedding light on the sheer absurdity of what AI can do and dispelling rumors that should never have become rumors in the first place, we’ve compiled a list of the most convincing AI-generated movie posters currently making their rounds on the web.

As more and more people use AI, and as we as a society acclimate to this rise in technology, it’s never been more important to dispel rumors at the root, lest Walt Disney be visited by a mob of angry protestors furious over a movie the studio isn’t actually making.

Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest

A refreshing spin on all the otherwise horrifying hot takes in here, a live-action Fern Gully movie starring Zendeya would be a breath of fresh air. I’m here for it. But alas, it’s not happening.

Trail Blazers

I don’t know what kind of animal the “Blizer” in red is supposed to be, but I want to find out. This could either be Space Jam‘s rival or its long-lost, distant, incestual cousin. Either way, the poster ain’t half bad. If you pretend not to notice the gibberish at the top, that is.


An animated poster based on the 2007 horror movie Teeth feels exactly like something that would come out of the Pixar-adjacent studio Pisar. I can’t tell whether a walking, talking, smiling tooth is terrifying or cute. It’s those slightly crooked eyes that keep me on the fence.


Based on the title alone, you’d have no idea Disenely (whatever that is) is about a Team Fortress 2 squad, but hey, it’s almost believable if you overlook the wonky eyes, smudged features, and the notion that Micky Mouse would ever hold a gun.

Among Us

This one was so believable and gained so much traction (8 million views) that X/Twitter had to put a fact-checking banner at the bottom stating it was, indeed, generated using AI.

Crystal Cavverrns

I guess this one looks cool if you mind a movie that spells caverns four different ways, each wrong.


Inarguably convincing, Chalino highlights the early life of Chalino Sánchez, a 20th-century narcocorrido singer considered to be one of the pioneers of Mexican music. That is, if it was real.


There’s no need to belabor the point here. This awful aim at a joke is what’s the problem with AI. No, this is not real, nor will it ever be.

Two Girls One Cup

Never in a million years did I think I would type out the words Two Girls One Cup in a work setting, let alone see it written out on an animated movie poster, but here we are. This movie poster bearing the title of the widely known adult film video is one part funny and three parts disturbing, especially given the young features of these women. Again, these kinds of posters just highlight what’s wrong with AI. You say lighten up, I say get a life.


Brought to you by the creators of Teeth, Pizar Studios’ Sqar will have you ruing the day you ever thought squirrels were cute. But don’t worry, they can still be cute if you deem it so, as this poster, like all the ones on this list, is good and fake.

There are dozens upon dozens of posters like these on the web, some far more salacious, dangerous, and distasteful than these. We won’t post them here for the sake of not promoting, but just know they are — you guessed — fake.

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