Marvel’s Moon Knight is widely considered to be one of the better MCU shows released thus far. However, there’s still room for improvement and greater explorations into the character and existing mythology with a potential Moon Knight season 2. If a second season does indeed happen, there are a handful of elements that would be stronger improvements for the show, building upon what made the first season so entertaining.



Moon Knight’s first season ended on a dynamic cliffhanger, introducing a third alternate identity beyond Oscar Isaac’s Steven Grant and Marc Spector. Named Jake Lockley, this third alter is still in the service of the Egyptian moon god Khonshu (unbeknownst to Steven or Marc). Regardless, there have been concerning reports regarding Moon Knight season 2’s status, though it’s also been revealed that Marvel Studios is completely changing their process for their streaming shows, including a greater focus on producing more than one season beyond limited series. To that end, here are 10 things a possible Moon Knight season 2 can do to improve upon the first.

10 Moon Knight Can Go Deeper Into Marc Spector’s Past

marc spector avatar khonshu power

Although Marc Spector and Steven Grant’s troubled childhood was explored as well as Marc’s transformation into Moon Knight as an adult, there are still portions of their history that have yet to be explored. This includes Marc’s past as both a marine and mercenary prior to being shot by Raul Bushman. Likewise, exploring this history with Bushman could set up future narratives. It would also be interesting to see Marc’s prior history with his wife Layla El-Faouly (May Calamawy).

9 Moon Knight S2 Can Build On Steven And Marc’s Dynamics As A Duo


One of the best things from Moon Knight season 1 was the dynamics between Marc Spector and his alter Steven. Not only were their differences highlighted as Steven learned of Marc’s existence for the very first time, but the series does a solid job bringing them together as “brothers”. Now that the first season has covered the introduction and beginnings of their relationship as partners, Moon Knight season 2 has the opportunity to explore and flesh out their unique relationship even further, showing where Marc and Steven succeed as a duo as well as where they might struggle.

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8 The MCU Can Better Explore Egyptian Mythology

The Hospital Realm of Gods Moon Knight Theory 2

Moon Knight season 1 takes quite a bit of time focused on Steven who struggles to believe that the gods and supernatural elements of Egyptian mythology are all quite living and real, just like many other gods in the MCU. However, it’s since been established that the pantheon of gods, their power, and their avatars do indeed exist. To that end, Moon Knight season 2 can operate with this estbalished truth now that it’s been confirmed Steven isn’t crazy, allowing for even more supernatural elements and dangers to be introduced at the onset.

7 Jake Lockley Could Be A Better Villain Than Harrow

oscar isaac as jake lockley in phase 4 moon knight

The idea that an unknown part of Marc and Steven’s shared psyche is seemingly much darker is very intriguing. Even though Marc and Steven seemingly cut ties with Khonshu in the aftermath of Moon Knight season 1, Jake still works for the Egyptian moon god, shooting Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) on Khonshu’s orders in the show’s final scene. While this darker path is quite the deviation from the Jake Lockley seen in the comics, it does set up a more compelling villain for the MCU’s Moon Knight going forward with a potential Moon Knight season 2.

6 Moon Knight Season 2 Can Give Moon Knight His Midnight Mission

Split image of Moon Knight and Khonshu in Marvel's comics.

Recent runs of Moon Knight from Marvel Comics have created quite a dynamic status quo for Marc and his alters which the MCU could easily lift for Moon Knight season 2. This includes the strained relationship between Moon Knight and Khonshu. Likewise, the comics’ Moon Knight is currently operating in New York, having opened his Midnight Mission, a congregation where the “travelers of the night” can come and ask for his help. These appointments then inform his nightly patrols as a brutal vigilante and protector.

In the MCU, Marc and Steven are similarly estranged from Khonshu following Moon Knight season 1. As such, something like the Midnight Mission would provide them with a dynamic new purpose going forward, going beyond their service to Khonshu as bringers of justice, albeit with more altruistic and merciful methods. While they wouldn’t have to be based in New York, some sort of globe-trekking adventures could be interesting as well for Moon Knight season 2.

5 Moon Knight Season 2 Can Provide Stronger MCU Connections

Moon Knight poses dramatically next to the Avengers logo.

Another praised element of Moon Knight season 1 is its lack of any major MCU connections. This allowed the show to be its own entity, giving the complex dynamics between Marc and Steven plenty of time to be revealed and explained along with the debut of a brand-new superhero with his own lore and history. However, one could argue that the time has now come for more MCU connections, especially following the show’s Easter eggs pointing to Kang the Conqueror combined with the reveal of the Egyptian Kang variant Rama-Tut who appeared in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

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4 There’s Greater Potential for MCU Team-Ups In Season 2

Daredevil, Spider-Man, and Moon Knight have secret identities in the MCU

While it’s unknown if Marc’s Moon Knight and Steven’s Mr. Knight will continue operating in London or will have moved elsewhere such as the United States, the opportunity for team-ups is a very exciting prospect for Moon Knight season 2. Joining up with other MCU vigilantes such as Daredevil, Punisher, or even Spider-Man would fulfill the dreams of many MCU fans. It would certainly be an exciting way to further connect Moon Knight to the greater MCU considering how isolated his story was in Moon Knight season 1.

3 Moon Knight Season 2 Can Actually Use The Scarlet Scarab

Layla El Faouly Transforms Into The Scarlet Scarab

The final episode of Moon Knight season 1 saw the Egyptian goddess Tawaret making Layla El-Faouly her new avatar. Becoming the Scarlet Scarab, it did seem as though Layla was positioned to become a brand-new MCU hero located in Egypt, despite her claims that she would only be a temporary avatar. All the same, it’s unclear what the future has in store for Layla, though one would hope that Moon Knight season 2 would continue her story and exciting new superhero role alongside Marc and Steven.

2 Khonshu’s Relationship With Moon Knight Can Get Even Worse

moon knight khonshu skeleton-1

Although Khonshu seemingly freed Marc and Steven at the end of Moon Knight season 1, he clearly still has a hold over them with Jake still in his service. It stands to reason that the Egyptian god of the moon would continue manipulating his chosen avatar in a second season. Likewise, there were also some clues and hints that Marc’s entire life was orchestrated by Khonshu, including the death of his younger brother Randall. One can only imagine how Marc and Steven would react if Khonshu was indeed revealed to be a master puppeteer, ensuring that Marc becoming Moon Knight was a preordained inevitability (rather than chance).

1 Moon Knight Season 2 Can Actually Set Up The Supernatural Side Of The MCU

Midnight Sons Fan Poster

Although there have been initial supernatural projects in the MCU such as Moon Knight, Werewolf by Night, and presumably the upcoming Blade movies starring Mahershala Ali, there’s yet to be any kind of through line such as a buildup to a possible crossover (like Marvel Comics’ Midnight Sons). As such, perhaps Moon Knight season 2 could begin setting up those connection points, setting up a major supernatural threat that can only be defeated by a much darker assembly of heroes and vigilantes than have been seen before in the MCU.

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