• Heroes in My Hero Academia often pay a heavy price for their profession, sacrificing themselves to save others or stop villains.
  • The deaths of these heroes were tragic, ranging from heroic sacrifices to unfortunate circumstances.
  • These fallen heroes remind us that true heroes are willing to put themselves on the line to uphold their beliefs and prevent evil from winning, no matter the cost.



For many in My Hero Academia‘s world, the dream is to become a professional hero, but that dream can come at a heavy price, as these dead heroes can attest to. Being a hero is a dangerous profession, after all, and eventually being around so much danger will catch up to them.

While some of these heroes died before the story started, all of them died in the line of duty, attempting to save someone or stop some villain from escaping. Some of them valiantly sacrificed themselves, while others were just the victims of misfortune, being in the wrong place at the wrong time. In some cases, their sacrifices helped turn the tide of battle, becoming an essential part of helping good to triumph over evil. Be aware that the list, by its very nature, contains spoilers which go beyond what the My Hero Academia anime has adapted, so read ahead with caution.

10 Snatch

My Hero Academia's Sand Hero, Snatch.

The Sand Hero, Snatch, was assigned to guard Kai Chisaki, better known as Overhaul, after he was defeated by Deku. However, the League of Villains attacked the prison van, as they had their own purposes with Chisaki before he got sent off to jail. While Snatch was able to evade Shigaraki’s Decay thanks to the nature of his sand Quirk, he had a much harder time going up against Dabi, whose flames quickly overpowered his shield of sand. Snatch was killed by a fireball from Dabi, which made it possible for the villains to get to Chisaki and cut off his hands, robbing him of his own Quirk. Snatch’s death is particularly tragic, as Dabi didn’t even remember killing him when Endeavor asked.

9 X-Less

My Hero Academia's Eyegun Hero, X-Less.

The Eyegun Hero, X-Less, was a member of the Hospital Raid team during the Paranormal Liberation War arc. X-Less was on the front lines alongside Mirko, Crust, Present Mic, and others. X-Less discovered the room where Shigaraki was recuperating inside a tube, and saw the tube destroyed by Mirko and Present Mic, seemingly killing Shigaraki. X-Less was left alone to investigate the room and found a machine manufacturing Quirk-deleting drugs, which he destroyed. However, a stray wire electrified Shigaraki and woke him up, surprising X-Less for long enough that Shigaraki was able to kill him with Decay. Had X-Less been a little quicker, Shigaraki may well have died at the hospital raid, which would’ve prevented untold destruction from taking place.

8 Native

My Hero Academia's Native.

Native is a pro hero who’s had a rough go of it throughout the series. He first appeared during the Hero Killer Stain arc, where he was nearly killed by Stain before Ida interfered. He later reappeared as part of the Hospital Raid team, although he wasn’t up front like X-Less was. Native was last seen fighting off a Nomu, which viciously bit his arm off, and is only later shown to be among the casualties, presumably having died from his injury. Native seems to have been an honorable hero, as he told Ida and the other students to run rather than fight Stain to save him, effectively volunteering to sacrifice himself so they could escape.

7 Crust

My Hero Academia's Shield Hero, Crust.

The Shield Hero, Crust, was the #6 hero on the Hero Rankings, so he was certainly a powerful and well-loved hero in the series’ world, even if he didn’t play much role in My Hero Academia‘s story. Crust was also part of the Hospital Raid team, and fought bravely against the Nomu. However, Shigaraki awoke and his wave of Decay began to spread, forcing the heroes to make a run for it. When it looked like Eraser Head might not make it, Crust stopped to attack the Nomu that had grabbed onto his leg, allowing Aizawa to escape. Crust was destroyed by Decay, but he died giving Eraser Head a thumbs up, proving that he was perfectly happy to have sacrificed himself to save a fellow hero. Given how valuable Aizawa’s Quirk would go on to be, Crust definitely made the right move.

6 Majestic

My Hero Academia's Magic Hero, Majestic.

The Magic Hero, Majestic, was part of the Villa Raid team in the Paranormal Liberation War arc, and had also appeared earlier as Momo’s Work-Study mentor. Things were going well until Gigantomachia awoke and began carving a swath of destruction between himself and Shigaraki. Majestic worried about the student heroes first and foremost, and when Gigantomachia threatened them, he helped them to escape with his Quirk, leaving himself vulnerable. Majestic successfully saved every student present, but it came at the cost of his life, which upset Momo greatly. Majestic did everything a hero should do, really living up to the title.

5 Oboro Shirakumo

Aizawa and Shirakumo

Oboro Shirakumo (Hero name: Loud Cloud) is a name some fans may not recognize; instead, they might know him better as Kurogiri. Oboro was a friend of Aizawa and Present Mic when they attended U.A., and was tragically killed during a Work-Study, crushed by falling rubble during a villain attack. His dead body somehow ended up in the possession of All for One, who used it as the base for the Nomu that would eventually become Kurogiri. Despite this, some remnant of Oboro seems to remain inside Kurogiri, still fighting for control of his own body even after all these years. Such an endless struggle is surely the mark of a true hero.

4 Nana Shimura

Nana Shimura was All Might’s mentor and the seventh user of One for All. She was also close friends with Gran Torino, one of the few people who knew about the One for All power. While Nana’s death hasn’t been shown on screen, it is known that she died in battle with All for One, and her defeat was such a blow that All Might had to temporarily leave the country, prompting his time in America. Nana Shimura’s death had lasting impacts on her family, which ultimately gave rise to Shigaraki, who was revealed to be her grandson. Her vestige within One for All has proven to be a strong, competent hero who isn’t afraid to do what must be done, even if it means killing Shigaraki.

3 Star and Stripe


Star and Stripe was America’s #1 hero, who went against orders to head to Japan when All Might made his call for international help. She brought with her a squadron of fighters, and encountered Shigaraki/All for One in the air on her way to Japan. After an epic battle, Star and Stripe unfortunately got too close to Shigaraki and was hit by his Decay. As she began to come apart, however, she used the last of her strength to set up her Quirk, New Order, to rebel against other Quirks. Shigaraki ultimately lost an unknown number of Quirks and was badly injured by the move, buying the Japanese heroes a few weeks to rally their forces and prepare for the final battle.

2 Sir Nighteye

My Hero Academia Sir Nighteye

Sir Nighteye was All Might’s sidekick long ago, but the two went their own separate ways when Sir Nighteye used his Quirk to look into All Might’s future, and saw a terrible death awaiting him. Nighteye eventually took on Midoriya for Work-Study alongside Mirio Togata, and played a key role in the Shie Hassaikai raid. While battling against Overhaul in an attempt to protect Eri and Mirio, Nighteye took a fatal blow when he was pierced through by a spike. Nighteye’s efforts were all in the pursuit of protecting this little girl, and his sacrifice ultimately allowed Eri to live a normal life with Aizawa, meaning he died knowing his mission was accomplished.

1 Midnight

My Hero Academia's Midnight.

Midnight was a teacher at U.A. as well as a pro hero. She was placed on the Villa Raid team, where she fought well until Gigantomachia was released. Knowing her Quirk might disable Gigantomachia, she made him her focus, but unfortunately was unaware of other villains on his back, who released debris that knocked her off and crushed her. Midnight used her dying breaths to get a message to Momo and the other students, encouraging them to find a way to sedate Gigantomachia. Midnight’s sacrifice proved that even when she knew the end was near, she was still focused on the mission, and her advice to the kids was crucial in finally bringing down the giant villain.

While some of the above deaths had a bigger impact than others, each of these heroes died tragically in the line of duty with the intention of saving innocent lives. Their deaths prove that a hero’s words of courage and self-sacrifice are more than just words, as the villains like to claim. A true hero is willing to put themselves on the line to uphold their beliefs and prevent evil from winning, no matter the cost. And wherever one hero falls, there is always another ready to pick up the torch and continue the fight. My Hero Academia‘s world has been lucky to have such dedicated heroes fighting for it, as there’s no telling how badly things could have gone without these heroes.

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