• Lies of P
    features Fable Arts, special moves tied to weapons, that can change the tide of combat and are one of the most interesting aspects of the game.

  • The choice of weapon in
    Lies of P
    should consider the Fable Art it possesses, as it can greatly impact the effectiveness of attacks and damage dealt.
  • The customization options in
    Lies of P
    , including the ability to customize Pinocchio’s apparel and weapons, contribute to a surprisingly immersive experience.



Lies of P features numerous weapons, many of which, although beautiful, are very similar in appearance and animation — there is, however, a gameplay mechanic tied to the blade and handle of every weapon in the game — Fable Arts. Similar in principle to Weapon Arts from Dark Souls 3, Fable Arts, are special moves and abilities that can change the tide of combat. Coming in the form of attack Fable Arts, defense Fable Arts, and utility Fable Arts, this core gameplay mechanic is one of the most interesting aspects of the game — an impressive achievement in an expansive game that although not perfect comes shockingly close.

Justifiably one of the most eagerly anticipated games of 2023, Lies of P is an ARPG retelling of Carlo Collodi’s nineteenth-century children’s novel, The Adventures of Pinocchio. Brimming with dark ambiance, and an aesthetic to match, Lies of P masterfully repurposes the source material into a Dark Souls-esque game with brilliant story-telling, combat, and customization options. The ability to customize Pinocchio’s apparel, Legion Arms, and choice of weapons makes Lies of P a surprisingly immersive experience. Although some weapons deal more damage or look cooler, perhaps the most vital consideration that must be made when choosing what to wield is, what Fable Art it possesses.

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10 Single Stab


Bound to the Acidic Crystal Spear Handle and City Longspear Blade, as well as the elegant boss weapon Etiquette, the Fable Art, Single Stab, is, although not especially visually impressive, particularly quick and powerful. The attack Fable Art Single Stab consumes three Fable Charges with the effect of allowing Pinocchio to momentarily gather his strength before lashing out with a powerful forward-piercing thrust attack. Visually reminiscent of a fencing lunge, Single Stab forgoes elaborate showmanship in favor of efficiency and power. In spite of its simplicity, it is certainly one of the best attack Fable Arts in Lies of P.

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9 Quick Upward Slash

Puppet Ripper

Exclusively bound to the boss weapon, Puppet Ripper, obtained after defeating the King of Puppets, the attack Fable Art Quick Upward Slash is a lightning-fast attack that can inflict outstanding damage. Quick Upward Slash requires the sacrifice of three Fable Charges; however, it is more than worth it. This powerful attack can make quick work of even the hardest of enemies in Lies of P – that being said the special weapon Puppet Ripper is bound with another, perhaps even better, attack Fable Art option.

8 Flamestrike

Exploding Pickaxe Blade

Flamestrike is an attack Fable Art that is exclusively bound with one weapon part in Lies of P, the Exploding Pickaxe Blade. Flamestrike sees Pinocchio rush forward, jump, and deliver an explosive downward strike. This hammering downward attack will cause a spectacular explosion that deals Fire damage to all surrounding enemies. Furthermore, after attacking, Pinocchio’s weapon will be temporarily engulfed in Flames. The attack and the subsequent fire damage the Fable Art causes are incredibly powerful; however, beyond simply powerful, is visually impressive.

7 Generate

Electric Coil Stick in Lies of P-1

Temporarily dramatically increasing Electric Blitz attack, the utility Fable Art, Generate, is one of, if not the most powerful utility class Fable Art in Lies of P. Though it is restricted to one part in the entire game, only being bound with the Electric Coil Stick Head, Generate is an excellent Fable Art. Using Generate consumes two slots of Fable charge — a small price to pay, especially for those who specialize in Electric Blitz-based attacks — including players who use the Fulminis Legion Arms. The ability to employ Generate makes the Electric Coil Stick Head quite possibly one of the best weapons in Lies of P.

Trident of the Covenant

One of the Trident of the Covenant’s two Fable Arts, Link Rush Stab is a powerful charging attack. Useable for a fee of either one or two Fable Charges, Link Rush Stab’s first effect sees Pinocchio rush forward and stab at his enemy; however, this Fable Art really shines when two Fable Charges are invested – if an additional slot is spent, in addition to the first effect, Pinocchio will also jump high into the air before delivering a devastatingly powerful downward strike. Both stages of Link Rush Stab are exclusively bound to the Trident of the Covenant.

5 Storm Slash

Frozen Feast

Bound to the blade weapon parts of Booster Glaive, Black Steel Cutter, Bramble Curved Sword, Clock Sword, and Puppet’s Saber, as well as the boss weapon Frozen Feast, the attack Fable Art, Storm Slash is one of the most widely accessible of all top tier Fable Arts. For a price of three Fable Charge, Pinocchio will unleash a combo of incredibly fast slashes. Provided they make contact with an enemy, Storm Slash will more than likely dispatch even the most resistant of foes. Although it is visually subtle, especially when compared with some Fable Arts, Storm Slash is, nevertheless, one of the best attack Fable Arts in Lies of P.

4 Wind Of Swords

Two Dragons Sword in Lies of P-1

Only accessible if the player obtains the boss weapon Two Dragons Sword after defeating the Puppet-Devouring Green Monster, the attack Fable Art Wind of Swords does exactly as the name suggests — it produces a fierce wind of swords that deal extensive damage to all enemies within the attack’s expansive area of effect. The approximately 120 degrees of effect makes Wind of Swords an excellent Fable Art to employ when coming up against a tightly packed group of enemies.

3 Wandering Moon

Uroboros’s Eye

The boss weapon Uroboros’s Eye is purchasable after defeating Laxasia the Complete and trading her Ergo with Alidoro — it is undoubtedly one of the best boss weapons in Lies of P, a claim further substantiated by one of its Fable Arts — Wandering Moon. This attack Fable Art is often deadly, it involves Pinocchio throwing Uroboros’s Eye at an enemy, at which point it will spin in place for a brief time, continuously inflicting damage, before ultimately returning the player. This Fable Art does an enormous amount of damage, and can quite easily take down enemies that would otherwise cause Pinocchio a lot of trouble.

2 Storm Spinning Slash

Puppet Ripper weapon in Lies of P-1

Although the boss weapon, Puppet Ripper’s first attack Fable Art is powerful, its second, Storm Spinning Slash, and its ability to quickly dispatch a crowd, is potentially even better. Consuming three Fable Charges, Storm Spinning Slash has the effect of Pinocchio spinning in a circle multiple times with this scythe-esque blade protruding causing an immense amount of damage to all enemies who get too close. With a vast area of effect, Storm Spinning Slash is one of the most efficient ways to defeat large groups of adversaries and slow-moving bosses.

1 Furious Golden Hits

Golden Lie growing from the Portrait of the Boy in Lies of P

Likely the final weapon to be obtained by Pinocchio during a first run through Lies of P, Golden Lie is a special weapon that can only be acquired after reaching max level Humanity and defeating the final mandatory boss. This golden rod is worth the wait, primarily due to its incredibly powerful attack Fable Art, Furious Golden Hits.

Inflicting a devastatingly high level of damage, whilst ensuring Pinocchio remains well-defended, Furious Golden Hits has the effect of making Pinocchio spin the secret weapon repeatedly and at blistering speed. Owing to its ability to inflict incredible damage, Furious Golden Hits is quite possibly the best Fable Art in Lies of P.

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