• The upcoming live-action Gargoyles reboot has the potential for success if Disney casts the main roles wisely.
  • English actor and motion capture expert Andy Serkis would be a perfect fit to portray Bronx in the live-action adaptation.
  • Sterling K. Brown, with his acclaimed voice-over roles and deep, comforting voice, could bring a new level of depth to the character of Goliath in a Gargoyles reboot.



With the recent announcement of a live-action Gargoyles underway, it’s prompted debates about who would be able to bring the unique cast of characters to life in the Disney+ adaptation. According to the news, horror director James Wan and Annabelle writer Gary Dauberman are teaming up to reboot the cult ’90s animated series Gargoyles as a live-action series for Disney+. While no release date is official, the news came as a pleasant surprise as Gargoyles was one of the most well-received animated shows during Disney’s ’90s run.

Among many things, one of the aspects of the ’94 Gargoyles show that helped it stand out was its unique cast and even more impressive voice-over work throughout its three-season run. Once a group of Scottish gargoyles who used to defend the country from various threats during the medieval era, Gargoyles sees the same winged creatures transported to a mid-90s New York to continue in their roles as defenders. Whether newcomers or established actors, the upcoming live-action Gargoyles reboot can be very successful if Disney plays their cards right casting the main roles.

10 Bronx – Andy Serkis

Gargoyles - Brooklyn growling

English actor and director Andy Serkis has had one of the most prolific careers in Hollywood, having appeared in plenty of acclaimed movies for nearly thirty years. Among some of the actor’s most recognizable works are The Lord of the Rings trilogy, his work in King Kong and his performance as Supreme Leader Snoke in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Although a fine actor on his own, Serkis’ work in motion capture (or mo-cap) is perhaps what he is most famous for. His star-making turn as Gollum in the Lord of the Rings trilogy has afforded the actor the privilege of brining some of the most spectacular characters to life on the big screen is why he would be the perfect choice for Bronx.

9 Angela – Gemma Chan

Gargoyles - Angela looking concerned

Another thespian from England, Gemma Chan is known for playing characters who are as intelligent and strong-willed as they are intelligent. The English actress rose to prominence after appearing in supporting roles in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, Crazy Rich Asians, Captain Marvel, Eternals, and most recently, The Creator. Chan is a versatile actress who has proven time and again that she can expertly interpret any material given to her, and make the role memorable. Despite Angela’s mostly male counterparts, she holds her own with them and often acts as the voice of reason – with the proper direction, Chan’s gentle yet commanding screen presence would be a perfect fit for the character.

8 Demona – Jessica Chastain

Gargoyles - Demona looking down

Academy Award and Primetime Emmy Award-winning actress Jessica Chastain has consistently impressed audiences with her performances since making her television debut in 2004. Known for her red hair and striking eyes, Chastain often plays women who are strong and determined to solve whatever challenges she’s presented with. Demona was known for her spunky, contentious personality and willingness to go toe-to-toe with just about anyone – making her one of the most beloved characters in Gargoyles. The red hair connection is obvious, but Chastain would be perfect in the role of Demona more because of her ability to convincingly convey emotion through strong-willed women.

7 David Xanatos – Antonio Banderas

Gargoyles - David Xanatos smiling

Antonio Banderas is beloved worldwide for his charisma and portrayals of honorable and dutiful men. His interpretation of Zorro in The Mask of Zorro, as Puss in Boots in the Shrek franchise, and his critically acclaimed performances in auteur Pedro Almodóvar’s films have solidified Banderas as one of the best in the business. Contrary to his usual material, David Xanatos is a major antagonist in Gargoyles with very few redeemable traits. Banderas would be perfect for the role however because he’s already displayed an ability to shed his “nice guy” image in some of his more obscure works, moreover, he would likely infuse the character with a degree of empathy rarely seen in the cartoon.

6 Lexington – Ian Chen

Gargoyles - Lexington with a floppy disk

One of the youngest members of the cast, Lexington is known for his positive outlook on life and his optimistic philosophical musings among his friends. Ian Chen is an American actor and at just seventeen-years-old, is also the youngest cast member who could appear in a Gargoyles live-action reboot. While Chen made his debut in television nearly ten years ago with acclaimed appearances in Modern Family and Fresh of the Boat, he really impressed critics with his work in Shazam! and Shazam! Fury of the Gods. Moreover, Chen’s casting would be necessary as a younger person’s perspective could add a unique viewpoint to the show and reel in younger audiences.

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5 Hudson – Anthony Hopkins

Gargoyles - Hudson looking upset

Anthony Hopkins is the oldest and most experienced actor whom Disney could cast in a Gargoyles live-action reboot – and his multiple Academy Award, BAFTA, and Primetime Emmy-award wins are more than enough to cement his legacy. Known for his classically trained approach to most of his roles, Hopkins’ involvement would be enough to inspire his co-stars to bring their A-game and deliver the best performances possible. Hudson had a reputation for being something of a father-figure to his fellow gargoyles, so Hopkins’ casting would likely have a similar effect to his co-stars.

4 Broadway – Seth Rogen

Gargoyles - Broadway looking bashful

Broadway was easily the goofiest and most bashful member in Gargoyles, thus an actor capable of embodying and showcasing those traits would be absolutely necessary in the Gargoyles live-action reboot. While plenty of actors meet that basic criteria, Seth Rogen has essentially re-written the playbook on being the lovable member of the group with roles in Freaks & Geeks, Knocked Up, and Pineapple Express. Rogen’s production work on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem also offers hope that he would be willing to help bring another beloved ’90s series to life.

3 Brooklyn – Austin Butler

Gargoyles - Brooklyn looking confident

Austin Butler made his onscreen debut in 2005’s Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide and has consistently delivered strong performances on the small and big screen since. In more recent years, Butler impressed viewers with performances in movies like The Dead Don’t Die, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and Elvis. Brooklyn was the “bad boy” of the gargoyles’ crew, so hiring Butler – an actor excellent at playing these types of characters, would ensure the character is in good hands.

2 Elisa Maza – Jenna Ortega

Gargoyles - Elisa looking content

Despite making her feature-length debut in 2013’s Iron Man 3 as the Vice-President’s daughter, Ortega’s breakout role wouldn’t occur until nearly a decade later in Ti West’s horror film, X. Since then, the actress has starred in Scream, Scream VI, and Wednesday – effectively making her one of this generation’s premiere scream queens. While Elisa Maza is a generally calm and collected character, she does eventually undergo a gargoyle form that boosts her confidence and makes her formidable against stronger foes and threats. Ortega’s ability to weave between subdued roles and dramatic roles would be the perfect fit for Elisa in a Gargoyles live-action remake.

1 Goliath – Sterling K. Brown

Gargoyles - Goliath looking confident

Despite Gargoyles being canceled suddenly in the late ’90s, Goliath has gone down in history as one of the best protagonists in animation. Stern yet compassionate, Goliath was brilliantly voiced by veteran actor and voice actor Keith David. However, Primetime Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award-winning actor Sterling K. Brown would be a perfect choice for an updated version of the fearless leader. Brown’s voice-over roles in The Angry Birds Movie 2, Frozen II, and Solar Opposites have been met with acclaim. Possessing a deep, rich voice that evokes feelings of comfort, Brown could breathe new life into Goliath in a Gargoyles reboot.

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